Fnac summer 2022 sales: the Star Wars animatronic figurine of “Baby Yoda” at only €21

Since the release of the first season of The Mandalorian on Disney+, the Child character, nicknamed “Baby Yoda”, has become one of the favorite creatures of Star Wars fans. For the sales, Fnac is selling this adorable animated figurine.

Don’t be fooled by his looks, “Baby Yoda” is a 50-year-old child of Yoda’s species. Despite his advanced age, he is still so core, especially when he comes alive. The 2022 summer sales are an opportunity for Fnac to sell the “Baby Yoda” animatronic figurine. Initially on sale at 64.99 euros, it is currently on sale at only 21.05 euros!

This Hasbro toy takes over the Star Wars license and offers us this animatronic figurine of the adorable iconic character from The Mandalorian: the Child. By touching its head, you can trigger animations. Laughter, excitement, babble… no less than 25 different interactions are possible. But “Baby Yoda” wouldn’t be complete without the Force. Caress his head 3 times to see him close his eyes, move his ears and arms and sigh as if he draws a huge amount of energy from deep within him. Watch out, this adorable creature will melt you!

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