Banking and Public Administration drive the growth of Hitachi Vantara in Spain

In an environment of high economic uncertainty, Hitachi Vantara does the trick. Driven by the banking sector and especially this year by the public administration, the Spanish subsidiary of the Japanese multinational has closed its last fiscal year with a growth of 35% compared to the previous year.

“In a sector such as digital infrastructure in which growth is normally in a range of between 8-10%, growing by 35% is really impressive,” he stated. Valentin Pinuaga, CEO of Hitachi Vantara in Spain, commenting below that the company aspires to grow that 10% for next year’s financial year. Possible obstacles to meet that goal? An election year, which, as Pinuaga himself has recognized, could delay part of the planned investments in the public sector until the last quarter of 2023. On the other hand, and despite its good performance in the upper part of the market, the company has explained who expect the midsize have a new momentum for the new year (this year it has experienced a growth of 20%), as well as the development of “Everflex”, its pay-per-use program.

Looking ahead, the company has identified three strategic challenges and trends on which to focus its efforts. First of all, a hybrid cloud that all manufacturers “sigh” and of which, of course, Hitachi Vanatra does not want to give up its “part of the cake”, working for it with the main providers. The second challenge is to optimize resilience and trust in IT operations. The growing threat of cyberattacks, such as the ransomware, has led to the need for solutions that protect organizations and allow them to efficiently recover from these attacks. In this field, the company has boasted a “legendary” reliability due to its experience precisely in platforms as critical as banking.

The multinational has also highlighted how the sustainability and technological efficiency is going to play an increasingly important role in IT investment decisions. With the increase in electricity consumption by data centers around the world, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions has become crucial and the company has set itself the goal of achieving emissions neutrality in its factories and offices by 2030, and throughout its value chain by 2050.

Finally, Valentin Pinuaga highlighted the good behavior of the distribution channel, pointing out that it currently represents a 90% of the company’s sales in Spain.

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