Bans in Warzone: everything you can’t do

Types of violations in Warzone

In general, there are several types of violations in Warzone. We will receive a greater or lesser sanction depending on the seriousness of our acts and the damage we have caused to other players.

  • minor infraction: Occurs when we break the rules, but do not seriously affect other players or the platform itself. In this case, we usually receive a proportionate sanction. Usually, Activision will temporarily suspend our ability to play online. It will also be in the right to reset our stats, emblems and completely remove our participation in the leaderboards. If we do not reoffend, the usual thing is that the sanction is lifted in a time that can vary from 48 hours to 2 weeks.
  • Serious offense: Our actions will have caused damage to other players, either directly or by causing other users to commit more infractions. In this case, they could permanently suspend our ability to play online. Not only will they reset our statistics, and delete our content from the account, but we could not appear in the leaderboards again. This not only applies to serious infringements, but also to recurrent minor offenses. Serious offenses carry permanent suspensionswhich means that we will not only stop having access to the online war zonebut also to other titles in the franchise Call of Dutyeither before or after war zone.

In addition, there is an extra fact that you should know. If you cheat on PC, Activision will report our case to They will be the ones to decide if they can access other video games. On the other hand, if you use a console, things are even worse, since the studio reserves the right to report us to the console maker.

All the reasons for banning in Call of Duty: Warzone

Activision has a great standards list that must be fulfilled in war zone if we do not want to be excluded from the platform. Before you start, you should know that it is in your own interest to keep an eye on your account. If you lend your username to a friend and he commits an infraction, it will be your account that receives the ban. It doesn’t matter what excuse you come up with.

All these techniques or bad behaviors are prohibited in war zone:


Warzone Ricochet

Consists in hide identity of our machine or our account to make malicious use of the video game. Doing so entails immediate expulsion.

pirated content

Anyone who accesses Warzone with a illegal copy of the software will be subject to a sanction from the first infraction, which can be permanent.

bypass security

In this case, it means bypass Ricochet Anti-Cheat system. If we skip this anti-cheat system and get caught, the sanction applied will be suspension permanent.

Using third party software to cheat

You better not follow that guy’s tutorial youtuber that offers you a magnificent program for cheating in Warzone. Any software capable of altering statistics, gameplay or manipulating the game’s RAM carries penalties. Wallhack, auto-targeting bots, object injection… any external modification is reason for a ban. The first time will be considered a minor infraction.

Peripherals or cheat software

aimbot warzone

Using a modified controller to cheat or use apps to induce game lag is also penalized. Depending on the severity, it will be considered minor or serious offense.

Use of exploits and collusion with other users

Warzone graphics bug

users who discover game glitches and exploit them systematically to gain advantage they can also end up getting kicked out of Warzone. As in the previous case, it will depend on the seriousness if one sanction or another is applied.

This rule also applies if we use a game crash to disappear from the map. Users who discover holes in geometries to get under the map to survive the gas will also be kicked out. In addition, the moderators will be able to analyze it from the player’s own recording, which is recorded on the servers.

Abuse and bad companionship

warzone quads

In this type of games it is very common to end up in a team random in which one player receives the abuse from the rest of the teammates, being shot or warning other enemy players of the position. All these unsportsmanlike behaviors, like the classic friendly fire, can end in a ban. The expulsion can be temporary or even permanent.

Offensive and derogatory language

Any type of verbal abuse towards other players will be sanctioned in case of a report. What’s more, harassment is considered a serious offense, so it will lead to the blocking of the account. This means that any xenophobic, sexist behavior or discrimination based on sexual orientation, to give several examples, will be severely condemned.

In this regard, the user can commit two minor offenses before being considered a repeat offender.

Content obtained from unofficial sources

Any player who has in his inventory will also be penalized. illegally obtained objects. This obviously does not apply to promotional content.

In case of detection, our inventory will be reset. If this happens repeatedly, it could lead to expulsion forever.

Decompile and reverse engineer

warzone payload

All the content of war zone is protected by Copyright. By entering the platform for the first time, the user accepts the clauses of the software. This does not allow crack the game code or apply external modifications by use of reverse engineering.

In the case of a crimethe first infraction will already be enough for a remained as God commands. In addition, the user who does this will be reported to the console manufacturer and to if they use a PC.

I’ve been banned from Warzone. That I have to do?

warzone gulag

First of all, we recommend that you read all the violations that we have described above so that you can make sure that you have not violated any of those clauses.

If you think you have been excluded or penalized due to an error, you can fill out a application for assistance in appealing the penalty on your account. You can do it through this link.

If, on the other hand, you have broken the rules, you will have to wait.

Account under review in Warzone

warzone appeal

If your account shows this status, you will not be able to access the video game until the moderators of the platform give a verdict on your misconduct. This process can take up to a maximum of 2 weeksdepending on the number of players that accumulate on the list.

You can pair an account under review with others that are under review, but we don’t recommend it as it will give mods more clues to your backsliding.

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