Better than incognito mode; do this and protect your security and privacy in Chrome

To maintain security and privacy when browsing, in many cases we may have the false feeling that the Chrome incognito mode Will serve. It is true that it is useful to prevent browsing data from being stored in the program itself, but that does not mean that our security and privacy are protected. To achieve this, it is important that you take into account the recommendations that we are going to give you and thus avoid problems.

Improve privacy and security in Chrome

Incognito mode is a feature that we can take into account on certain occasions, but it is not really going to prevent you from having security issues. For example, it will not prevent you from going to your email and clicking on a fake link that downloads a virus to your computer or from logging in where you shouldn’t.

don’t make mistakes

Something fundamental is not make mistakes. By this we mean not exposing personal data even if you are connected to Chrome’s incognito mode. Do not make public your email address, telephone number or any other data that can be used against you and start launching Phishing attacks.

It is also essential that you do not fall into the trap of any false link that is sent to you or when opening files on the Internet and that may be a fraud. Even just a Word file or an image could be dangerous.

Use official programs and pages

Of course, another important point is to use only programs that are official. Avoid installing applications that may have been modified. That will weaken security and an attacker can enter your computer. It is essential to download the app from official sources.

This should also be applied when opening web pages. Be careful when logging into Facebook, Gmail or any platform. Always enter from the official site and never from links that come to you by other means. They could be a trap.

Be careful with the data you share

To the share data on the internet we may have major problems. Being in incognito mode does not mean that they cannot steal data from us, since they could also record what you post in a forum, what you share on social networks, when using the cloud, etc. You may have a false sense of security.

Even when logging into online services, you could be exposing data even though you’re in incognito mode in your browser. Be careful and avoid giving more information than is really necessary.

If you use extensions, control them

Use plugins in chrome it is quite common. You can install very varied extensions. But you should know that they are also a source of problems. They could contain viruses and put your security at risk. Therefore, having many extensions is not recommended and it is good to review them from time to time.

Logically, it is key to download the extensions from official sources, but also to have a constant review and update them as soon as a new version is released. That will help you avoid problems and protect your equipment when browsing.

As you can see, it is important to note that Chrome’s incognito mode is not synonymous with absolute security and privacy. You can have problems and it is always convenient to take precautionary measures. You can always use browser isolation to improve security even further.

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