Billions of dollars: you are about to discover the greatest treasure in history

Although it may seem surprising, a team of treasure hunters assured that they are about to unearth “the largest loot in the world”, as it is estimated to be worth more than 20 billion dollars. The team, known as the “Temple Twelve”, has been searching Finland for the “Lemminkainen Hoard”, consisting of gold, jewelry and artifacts, since 1987.

The members of this team have spent their summers searching for this treasure; They work six hours a day, seven days a week. It is speculated that the huge hoard includes some 50 thousand precious stones, including rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and diamonds, as well as a thousand artifacts dating back thousands of years, along with a series of life-size 18-karat gold statues.

Members of the group have traveled from around the world, including Russia, Australia, the United States, Sweden, Norway, Germany, and the Netherlands, to join the hunt. They are led by Carl Borgen, 60 years old.

Does the treasure you seek really exist?

The existence of the treasure was recognized in 1984 when a relative direct descendant of Lemminkäinen, who appears in Finnish pagan mythology, recognized that there is evidence of its veracity, although it is not known where, there is data that the loot is behind stone slabs that were sealed in the 10th century .

The treasure is believed to be hidden somewhere in the cave system 32 kilometers east of the Finnish capital Helsinki. Inside the temple, there is supposed to be a spiral corridor with small rooms outside of it where the stash is stored. Supposedly the last time it was seen was in the year 987 d. C., when the room was filled and concealed the entrance.

Countless official explorations trying to find the treasure have taken place over three decades and have involved more than 100 professional prospectors from around the world. I know believes that the group is a few meters away unearthing the treasure and believes that next summer might be the time it will be discovered.


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