Bitcoin continues to fall, Disney + corrects the timeline of Marvel films, this is the recap

The price of Bitcoin has continued to collapse since November 2021, Disney+ is tackling an error in the Marvel film chronology, a new task manager is appearing on Windows 11, this is the recap.

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Yesterday was a turbulent day for cryptocurrency fans as investors preferred to steer clear of riskier assets. Mining farms also saw the revenue generated drop sharply. For its part, Disney + has made changes to the chronology of Marvel films in its catalog, since it displayed the events of Black Panther before the adventures of Black Widow. Windows 11 has a new task manager, and we explain how to install it. Come on, let’s go for the recap of the day of January 24, 2021!

Windows 11 welcomes a more modern task manager

Windows 11 Insiders were treated to a new update bringing a task manager with a more modern design, but this one is not available to everyone. Indeed, it will first be necessary to make a manipulation to have access to the new version. This is not totally revolutionary, but it makes the utility more consistent with the rest of Windows 11 applications.

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Disney+ Changes Marvel Movie Timeline

While the streaming platform has so far mistakenly shown that the events of Black Panther took place before the adventures of Natasha Romanoff, aka the Black Widow, in the film Black Widow, Disney + has finally corrected the situation. Indeed, the timeline has finally been reversed since Black Window is set well before the events of Black Panther.

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Bitcoin crashes again, down 50% since November

Unfortunately for cryptocurrencies, yesterday was a dark day. The US Federal Reserve announced a rush to end financial support measures meant to stimulate the economy, and Russia’s central bank called for a ban on Bitcoin mining and use. The consequence was clear for Bitcoin, which continued to fall, dragging all the altcoins with it. As a reminder, Bitcoin has lost 50% of its value since its historic high of last November.

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