Fight the cold and save money with this smart stove with Xiaomi Home

Winter is coming, and although for some it is hard to say goodbye to short sleeves, for others it is an opportunity. Smartmi is a brand that was introduced in Spain in 2021 and wants to revolutionize the market with its Smart Convector Heater 1S. It’s about a smart heater with a really affordable price and totally integrated in the Xiaomi system.

Smartmi Smart Convector Heater 1S: smart heaters arrive

The new bet of Smartmi, a brand that joins the Xiaomi ecosystem, is neither more nor less than a convection heater. We know that all the products that belong to this ecosystem tend to have something special, and this stove was not going to be less. This new radiator has its smart part, being able to adjust its power depending on the environment in which it is. In this way it will be much more efficient and will make us save money enough money now that the price of the electricity it’s through the roof.

Features and Design

This smart appliance has a 2,200W maximum power. It is really compact and its design is very careful. It does not have lateral grooves, so it is much more suitable if we have small children at home than the usual radiators. The aluminum sheets are encapsulated inside the device and allow a radiant area of ​​4,600m2 to be achieved through its 72 sheets. Thanks to this technology, you can heat rooms of up to 50 square meters, although the optimal cabin is around 20m2.

We can also place it in any instance of the house. Even in the bathroom without any fear, since it has certification of IPX4 resistance.

Data sheet

  • Dimensions: 684 x ​​459 x 202 mm
  • Weight: 5.8 kg
  • Power: 2,200W
  • Temperature: 16-32ºC
  • Waterproof: IPX4
  • Remote control: Yes
  • Connectivity: Wifi
  • Official PVP: 139.90 euros
  • CE Certification: Yes

Sensors and device remote control

The Smart Convector Heater 1S can be operated through any smartphone with iOS or Android system through the well-known app My Home. Of course, although the logical thing was to hope that this “Xiaomi” equipment could be controlled with Alexa (or another assistant), unfortunately this time these popular smart tools are out of the game, not being possible.

It also has a touch screen on the side where all kinds of information are displayed. The display has 3 brightness levels and allows us to set a temperature between the 16 and 32ºC. From here we can also set the parameters by hand, although what is really interesting about this product is that its temperature and humidity sensors are prepared so that we do not have to act to up or down its temperature.

Other details that have also been taken care of with great care are the protection systems radiator. The device has a system that detect possible overheating, automatically disconnecting if it exceeds 95ºC. On the other hand, it has a fall arrest sensor. A kind of accelerometer capable of cutting off electricity the moment it detects an inclination of more than 45º, thus avoiding a possible fire.

Launch date and offers

Smartmi has been very smart and they have been in a hurry for this product to be on the market next November 8th. A few days before “Singles Day”, a very curious Chinese holiday that is celebrated every November 11 and in which stores offer Black Friday-style discounts.

If the purchase is made through the official Smartmi website between November 8 and 14, you can take advantage of a 40 euro discount with respect to the official PVP with the reason for the single week, being able to buy it for just 99 euros.

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