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Black Friday is approaching, the best time of the year to buy any electronic device, including the iPad since Apple has presented the entire range of products for this year, which allows us choose from a large number of models and take advantage of the offers of the older models.

This year, Black Friday is celebrated on November 26, although as it has become common, will officially begin on Monday, November 22 And it will last for a week, until November 29 with Cyber ​​Monday.

From that moment on, the price of all products will start to rise so manufacturers can take advantage of the Christmas sales pull.

What iPad models are on sale on Black Friday

iPad Pro 2021

Manzana renewed iPad Pro in March of this year incorporating the M1 chip to the iPad Pro range, a model that in its 12.9-inch version also debuts a fantastic miniLED screen.

With more than 6 months in the market, it is likely that during the celebration of Black Friday we will find some interesting offer, but don’t expect huge discounts.

iPad Pro 2020

With the iPad Pro 2021 on the market, all companies that still have stock of its predecessor will take advantage of Black Friday to get rid of all or most of the stock to accommodate the new model, so this model it will be one of the devices to follow during the next Black Friday.

iPad Air

With a design very similar to the iPad mini and with features similar to those found in the iPad Pro, but at a lower price, the iPad Air is sure to will not miss the celebration of Black Friday at the end of November.

iPad 2021

The new iPad was introduced just over a month ago, and with so little time on the market, it’s very unlikely we can find any offer of this new model.

Of the model that if we are going to find interesting offers is from its predecessor, a model that still has a long life ahead and that by price, it is an option to consider.

iPad mini 2021

The iPad mini 2021, arrived with the long-awaited renovation in design that we have been asking Apple for years. However, Apple has gone overboard with the redesign and features, so its price is out of the pocket of many users.

A price that with so little time on the market (the same as the iPad 2021), little or nothing will go down on Black Friday.

Why is it worth buying an iPad on Black Friday?

Black Friday is the best time of year for any Apple product as it is the time chosen by sellers to empty your shelves of old products in order to accommodate the new ones we may have been presented or are about to do so.

Also, it is the last big event where we are going to find interesting discounts, since as Christmas approaches, the price of the products will rise in order to take advantage of the sales pull at this time of year.

How much do iPads usually go down on Black Friday?

new iPad Mini

Although the iPad Pro has been on the market for a relatively short time and is the highest model in the iPad range, during Black Friday we are going to find it with some discounts that will be between 5 and 7% in the best of cases, a very interesting discount considering the price they have.

Regarding the iPad Pro 2020, this model does you will receive significant discounts, discounts very similar to those we have found throughout the year and which are between 15 and 17%, and can reach 20% during Black Friday.

The iPad Air not much has been lavished this year in terms of discounts, but it is a device that due to performance and time on the market will not fail the Black Friday party with discounts of approximately 10%.

The new iPad 2021 and iPad mini 2021, it is unlikely that they will receive any discount, since they just hit the market and there are still not enough numbers to analyze if some of the available colors are having output problems.

It should be remembered that, on many occasions, discounts on Apple products focus on certain colors. In the case of an iPad, the color is not really important, since we all end up putting a protective case on it.

How long does Black Friday last on iPads

Officially, Black Friday will begin on November 26, however, the first offers will be found from November 22, the day on which the offers of this day begin informally, offers that will last until November 29, the day on which Cyber ​​Monday is celebrated.

Where to find iPad deals on Black Friday

Apple doesn’t celebrate Black Friday of no offer, so you can already go discarding the Apple Store online as well as the stores that it has scattered throughout Spain to buy an iPad or any other Apple product.


Amazon has become, on its own merits, the best option to buy Apple products at discounts, since it offers us exactly the Same guarantees that we can find buying directly from the Apple Store.

What’s more, we can return any product until January 31, so we have enough time to test and see if the iPad we have chosen meets our needs.


This business, which usually focuses its offers on Apple accessories like Apple Watch and AirPods, It will also offer us the odd offer for the basic iPad range, not the Pro.

The English Court

Another of the shops that we must visit during Black Friday to find the odd offer in the iPad range is El Corte Inglés, where older models they will receive significant discounts.


If you have a K-Tuin store where you live, it is because there is no Apple nearby where test the products before you buy them. These establishments have interesting offers prepared for Black Friday.


If you are looking for a case for the iPad or any other accessory, in addition to an iPad obviously, on the Macnificos website you will find it at very interesting prices.

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