Black-Line launches connected skis and snowboards!

We can no longer count the number of connected objects, from the most useful to the most futile, so why not skis and snowboards! It is the French start-up Black-Line which is embarking on this niche as the winter holidays are fast approaching.

Powder enthusiasts are in the starting blocks! Winter vacations are synonymous with great mountain trips, and for a skier or snowboarder, good equipment health is essential. This is why Black-Line is launching connected skis and snowboards, which provide a mobile application with information on the evolution of equipment.

To never lose your equipment again

The products in question are the Observ (all mountain / freeride) and White Horse (freestyle) snowboards, available in two sizes, as well as the Valsy (all mountain / back country) skis, also available in two sizes. The French start-up incorporates a connected component, the Black-Line Tag, which fulfills several functions.

Credit: Black-Line

The tag reports data such as the number of outings made, the state of life of the equipment (with a rating of 5 stars), the specifications and information of the ski or snowboard. Above all, this new range includes a localization system, which makes it possible to find the trace of lost or stolen equipment. The user, who can report their lost product to the community, will receive a location indication when someone scans the material.

The application also offers equipment maintenance monitoring based on user profile. When the time comes, she sends an alert for an interview. The products are made of raw bamboo with different wood cores (bamboo, paulownia, poplar, beech), resulting in strong, durable and light equipment. Biomass resin comes from recycled elements (vegetable oils, sawdust).

These equipments are on presale on Indiegogo with a reduction of 50%. The White Horse snowboard therefore costs € 249 (instead of € 549 public price), the Observ snowboard € 299 (instead of € 599) and the Valsy skis at € 349 (against normally € 679).

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