Black Widow: here is the alternate ending of the Black Widow movie

It’s a touching and hopeful sequence that reveals the positive influence that Black Widow had as heroine, that of the alternate ending of Black Widow leaked online in the last few hours.

These are images that are part of the additional content of the digital edition of the film with Scarlett Johansson, parts removed from the final editing of the film that will be officially available in digital download tomorrow in the USA.

The alternate ending of Black Widow

This alternative conclusion of the film, quite different from the true ending of Black Widow in which we find the heroine meet Mason and get on Quinjet, shows us Natasha returning to Ohio (probably shortly before the events of Infinity War) while observing a group of kids playing Avengers, with a focus on a little girl imitating Black Widow.

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Black Widow texture and details

In the action-packed spy thriller Marvel Studios’s Black Widow, Natasha Romanoff aka the Black Widow faces the dark sides of her registry when a dangerous conspiracy with ties to her past arises.

Pursued by a force that will stop at nothing until she defeats her, Natasha will have to deal with her spy past and broken and left relationships before becoming an Avenger.

In addition to Johansson, Black Widow will boast a stellar cast that includes the beloved star of Stranger Things David Harbor (as Red Guardian) but also Florence Pugh, the Oscar winner Rachel Weisz, OT Fagbenle And Ray Winstone.

The film landed in Italian cinemas last July 7, debuting two days later in streaming on the Disney + catalog with VIP access for 29.99 euros. Black Widow will be available to all Disney Plus subscribers, at no additional cost in addition to the subscription, from October 6, 2021.

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