BMW will install 8K panels with 32: 9 aspect ratio in its cars

We all see perfectly well that the automotive industry is extremely rapidly moving towards the popularization and improvement of autonomous vehicles, getting into which a person does not even have to think about how exactly the trip will go to the final point. And as it has now become known, the major automotive giant in the face of BMW is not only going to begin to thoroughly “babysit” the drivers in this regard, but also to provide passengers in the back seat with the most luxurious experience of being inside the car.

And specifically for this, the company has already given us all the ability to preview the 31-inch passenger version of the 8K “Theater Screen”, based on Fire TV and modified specifically for cars. Turn it on and a 32: 9 screen pops out of the headliner, which houses a 5G data modem and Bowers & Wilkins surround sound equipment. You will even see the blinds close and listen to an introductory theme from soundtrack composer Hans Zimmer as it happens.

And yes, all of this is just to give passengers the experience of a truly luxurious and futuristic vehicle. Further, it should be noted that content from the aforementioned Amazon platform will only play in 4K, and few videos will take full advantage of the ultra-wide 32: 9 aspect ratio. After all, there are not many videos that support this aspect ratio right now. However, at any time you can tilt your screen in order to get a “perfect view”, while the two passengers in the back can control the volume, like all other elements of the infotainment system.

Unfortunately, the automaker has decided not to reveal exactly which cars will include Theater Screen beyond the crudely labeled “future” models, but you will get access to it as part of the My Modes feature that debuted in the iX. The price and availability of this “luxury item” also remain unknown, although based on the information already presented to us, it can be assumed that the cost of Theater Screen will be very expensive. One way or another, this product will definitely find its audience – there is no need to doubt it.

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