Almost half of business spending on technology is invested in cloud and connectivity

The multinational, gigabyteshas incorporated the inherent advantages of the cloud such as flexibility, security and economic efficiency, to another “peripheral” and essential service: the flexible fiber.

the innovator connectivity serviceinspired by the characteristics of cloud solutions, has been valued by analysts from the IDC consulting firm as one of the telecommunications solutions that really provides the value and competitiveness that companies and organizations seek in their digitalization investment processes.

Peripheral services such as connectivity, which allow the connection between office servers and the cloud, are essential to get the most out of cloud activity. The flexible fiber offered by Gigas is a customized and scalable solution that has brought a unique service worldwide to the digital market. Its contracting provides organizations with flexibility that allows connectivity to be expanded at any time it is needed, thereby saving costs and optimizing data transfer times.

Digital infrastructure to guarantee work in the cloud and remotely

Companies are immersed in a global situation marked by inflation, geopolitical tensions or the rising cost of energy, and in order to deal with it, it is essential that they be able to consolidate a resilient digital infrastructureand deploy a scalable connectivity strategy that extends to all employees, customers and partners.

Digital infrastructures and services such as those offered by Gigas have allowed the development of teleworking or hybrid work, business continuity and digital transformation, issues that have become absolutely essential. IDC analysts warn that 65% of global GDP will be digitized by the end of 2022 and 40% of total technology spending is related to cloud.

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This is because data shows that in the next two years more than half of IT and business leaders will look to invest in key areas of their digital infrastructure to support and develop hybrid work models, from digital trust and automationthat allow remote work without problems.

It is essential to have a resilient connectivity strategy, beyond network access, with automation, data movement analysis, efficiency and experience. For this reason there are already 32% of the companies that believe that cloud service providers They are your priority need in connectivity, above any other digital typology. The cloud is the ecosystem to which most companies migrate, which must analyze and map options to achieve flexibility and security, but with competitive costs and optimal service.

According to IDC, organizations are betting on these and other business trends that require maximum agile and personalized connectivity. This is the case of digital-first strategies, which are in the investment plans of 90% of organizations in Spain. Or the discipline of financial management in the FinOps cloud, seen by 64% of European organizations as an evolving strategy, and a cultural practice that allows them to obtain maximum value for the business.

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