Brutal Logitech speakers on sale for less than 60 euros

Not everyone likes competitive games, there are those who prefer a game with a good story. If you are one of these, instead of gaming headphones, you may be interested in good speakers. We have found two interesting and quite powerful logitech speakerswhich have up to 27% discount.

First we have the Logitech Z207, which are white speakers with a power of 10W and that connect via Bluetooth. If what you want is a strong and vibrant sound, you have the Logitech Z333, which offer a huge power of 80W. Two very good speakers that will offer us a clear and high quality sound.

Logitech Z207Bluetooth

You may very well know Logitech for its well-known keyboards and mice. The company is also characterized by offering other very good quality products, as is the case with loudspeakers. They offer different solutions that give excellent sound quality.

The Logitech Z207, first of all, are some bluetooth speakers, something unusual in this type of speakers. It allows synchronization with two devices and, in addition, another via cable. Thanks to Logitech Easy-Switch technology, we can play, pause and switch between these devices.

Not only can we connect it via Bluetooth, we can also connect it via cable. It allows great versatility, being able to connect to PC, consoles, smartphone or tablets without major problems.

These two speakers offer a 10W power, which offers us a very good sound quality. These speakers are of the rectangular type and each of the two speakers has two small high-quality speakers.

How could it be otherwise, they integrate a status LED and a rotating volume system. It has a rear jack connector to connect it to the PC and a front jack connector for headphones. Regarding Bluetooth, it has a range of up to 20 meters without obstacles.

Logitech Z333

You may be looking for something more, one tomore powerful speakers and robust to enjoy high quality sound. As an alternative, we have these speakers that include a large bass drum. This allows for an enhanced, more nuanced sound experience and a more immersive gaming experience.

East Logitech 2.1 system has a powerful 13cm subwoofer, to deliver deep bass. The set has a bass control system to adjust more precisely and thus avoid distortions in the sound. It also has tickets. 3.5mm jack and RCA connectorsthinking of using them in any type of device that we want.

Logitech Z333

Regarding the specifications, satellite speakers have a power of 8W and the subwoofer has a power of 24W. The set has a 40W RMS power with a peak of 80W. Does this system have response frequency from 55 Hz to 20 kHz. The minimum response frequency is above 20 Hz, which is the minimum frequency that people hear.

It’s a good system, especially if we want an enhanced gaming experience with a good story (and soundtrack). For its price, one of the best options currently on the market.

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