Can you put the repeater too far from the router? Yes, but only in these cases

He repeater It needs to connect to the router to subsequently distribute the signal throughout the area where you locate it. Therefore, it needs to receive the signal correctly and if you move it too far away, the quality will drop. You’re going to have to find a balance between the distance to the router and where you really need it to connect other devices.

When can you move the repeater further away?

If you need to have a connection very far from the router, you will have options such as using a Mesh system or PLC devices. However, even with a repeater you could achieve it whenever you find yourself in one of the situations that we are going to mention. Otherwise, you could have significant limitations.

Obstacle-free space

The first reason why you can put the repeater very far from the router is when it is in a space where there is no obstacles. Keep in mind that any wall, wall or even furniture can cause the signal to arrive weaker. You are going to have problems getting other devices to connect correctly.

On the other hand, if there is a lot of space but without obstacles, you could connect the repeater further away and you would not have so many problems. The objective is always that it can receive the signal as best as possible and thus be able to distribute it to other areas of the home, where you decide to place it so that other devices in your house can connect.

Therefore, there could be a case in which you put the repeater very close to the router and it does not work well, but another situation in which you move it very far away and it does work correctly. Everything will depend, in part, on the obstacles that may interfere with the connection and cause problems.

Locate the Wi-Fi repeater

You connect it by cable

Of course, if you connect the repeater via Ethernet cable You will be able to move it away a lot. In this case, you will not connect wirelessly to the router. You will not be as exposed to stability problems. This is also ideal for connecting it in areas of the house where there may be interference with other devices.

Now, it is necessary to have good network cables. If you are going to use a cable that is of poor quality, as soon as you move it away from the router the quality will begin to decrease. We recommend using at least CAT 5e Ethernet cable. You will be able to reach up to 1 Gbps and it is ideal for a home, so you can move it away from the router without problems.

You don’t need much speed

One more case in which you could move the repeater much further away from the router is when you do not need to have a high speed. For example, perhaps you use home automation devices and they do not have the ability to connect directly to the router, since they are further away. You decide to put a repeater nearby, but it will not receive as much signal since it is at that great distance.

But of course, many home automation devices really only need to have a connection. They do not need to receive such a strong signal. For example, we can name smart plugs or light bulbs.

As you can see, in these cases you will be able to move the repeater away from the router. You will be able to put it much further away and you will not have problems, since you really do not need it to receive such a powerful signal, nor will you need the other devices to have great speed.

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