Capsule to ‘peacefully commit suicide’ causes controversy in Switzerland

As it appeared in the cartoon “Futurama“, Switzerland he plans to start a capsule which promises to end the life of whoever decides to use it; It is in the shape of a coffin and according to its creators it could begin operating as of next year.

According to the medium, assisted suicide in the European country was used in about 1,300 people during 2020 in which two organizations accompany them; the method used is the ingestion of liquid sodium pentobarbital. After the substance enters the person’s body, the person falls asleep and then falls into a deep coma that will be linked to death minutes later.

For this reason, there are no problems in terms of legality for the capsule to be used, which promises a peaceful death, just like the method described in advance. Exit International is responsible for the creation of the “Sarco” suicide capsule, which it said “has already passed its legal review.” However, the Swiss government has yet to clarify whether it intends to allow the capsule to be used.

How does the “Sarco” capsule work?

According to Dr. Philip Nitschke, founder of Exit International, the “coffin” is operated from the inside; In other words, the person will decide when they want to end their life. It is practical, because it can be transported anywhere, he mentioned in an interview for SWI.

The specialist explained that the person will lie down, be questioned and after answering, “they will be able to press the button inside the capsule, activating the mechanism in their own time.”

“The capsule is seated on equipment that will flood the interior with nitrogen, rapidly reducing the oxygen level from 21% to 1%. The person will feel a bit disoriented and may feel a bit euphoric before losing consciousness. It all takes a while. 30 seconds. Death is produced by hypoxia and hypocapnia, deprivation of oxygen and carbon dioxide, respectively. There is no panic, there is no sensation of suffocation, “he explained. Nitschke in the process of the patient’s death.

For now there are only two prototypes of the capsule “Sarco“, and the “third Sarco“which is printed in the Netherlands.


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