Careful! This makes your Internet go very slow even if you have full coverage

Having a slow Internet can be a problem to watch Streaming content in good quality, use the cloud or simply browse. We may encounter limitations and that forces us to take measures to improve the quality of the network and browse the Internet normally.

Why Wi-Fi is slow next to the router

Although we are going to focus on Wi-Fi, due to the fact that we are going to be connected near the router, it is something that can also happen if you connect by cable. You might also notice a sudden loss of speed and wonder why this is happening. Knowing the reasons can help you fix it.

download files

The first thing that can happen is that you are downloading files. This can happen on the device with which you are experiencing problems, but also if another computer or mobile on that network is downloading content. This will undoubtedly consume bandwidth, which can cause speed to drop.

It is not the same to be downloading at a limited speed than from a very good server where you can make the most of your available bandwidth. Therefore, in the latter case, it is when you will notice more problems and you will really see that the Wi-Fi speed decreases drastically.


Something similar can happen with the updates. It can also happen on the computer or mobile where you have problems, but it could be an update on any other device connected to that network. This will consume bandwidth and may also be a major update, so it may take a few minutes.

During that time, the network speed could drop significantly. It doesn’t matter if you are connected right next to the router, as the available bandwidth will decrease. Logically, you will notice this more the lower the contracted bandwidth. A 50 Mbps connection is not the same as a 1 Gbps connection.

some virus

Of course, we must also name the possibility that there is a virus. He malware it could consume system resources, in addition to affecting the Internet connection. For example, it could be downloading files in the background without you even knowing it. It can also happen that it affects the drivers of the network card and that causes a malfunction.

What you should do is always keep the system protected. Use a good antivirus, prevent the entry of malicious software and check that everything works well. This will help you maintain a good connection speed, as well as keep the device running smoothly in general.

Pages to modify files online have viruses

network saturation

One more reason is that there is network saturation. Be careful because we are not only talking about your home network, but even that of your neighbors can affect it. For one thing, you could have too many connected devices at any given time and that causes the Internet speed to drop, even if you connect to the router side. But it can also happen that you are connected to a Wi-Fi channel used by your neighbors and it is saturated.

You can take into account the option of changing the Wi-Fi channel to which you connect, as well as using the 5 GHz band instead of the 2.4 GHz band. It is less saturated, it is faster, although you must have Note that it is more sensitive to distance.

As you can see, there are several reasons why you could have Internet speed problems even if you are next to the router. It could be due to a failure that depends directly on the device you are using, but also on the network or even on your neighbors, in case the connection is saturated.

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