Cegid buys Gestión Remota, a software company for managing maintenance work

Cegid has announced the purchase of Remote Management, which develops and markets mobility software for asset maintenance management in real time. The company is aimed at small and medium-sized companies, both for the central management of operations and for the technicians who carry out these maintenance tasks. Among others, it includes planning, tracking and control of work orders, GPS and routing, budgeting and invoicing, document generation and analytics.

Remote Management, founded in 2006 and headquartered in Madrid, has more than 240 clients, mainly in Spain, but also in the United Kingdom, Chile and Colombia, mainly dedicated to fire protection and security. The company markets its products through monthly SaaS (Software as a Service) contracts, and manages to onboard its customers in less than a week.

Santiago Solanas, CEO of Cegid Iberia, LatAm and Portuguese Africa, highlighted that “Remote Management has done great work so far, positioning itself as a strategic player for us. And, all this, without having a team dedicated to commercial development, but using the references of its clients, which is why we believe that it has great potential for growth and scalability, and that it will be able to greatly benefit from our extensive network of partners through while providing us with their experience and technology. In addition, it has built its brand with a philosophy and culture that is very close to ours, which we believe will make its integration very easy”.

With this latest acquisition, the service offer and the Valuekeep team, another brand belonging to Cegid, are reinforced. Valuekeep is a cloud-based intelligent maintenance management software for companies in any industry to carry out their maintenance operations more efficiently and profitably.

For his part, Javier Santaeufemia, founder of Gestión Remota, stressed that “we are very excited to be able to join Cegid, which will allow us to reach more customers and continue innovating. Cegid has proven experience thanks to brands and professionals with decades of experience, while maintaining the energy and appetite to lead the market, which opens the door for us to grow together.”

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