CES 2023: Samsung will unveil a new type of screen during the event

Rumor has it that Samsung is preparing to present a new type of screen at CES in Las Vegas. The latter would be collapsible, flexible and extendable. As we say in this industry, “let’s wait and see”.

Foldable screen prototypes / Credit: 123rf

For Samsung, things are clear: profit margins will be made with foldable screens. The Korean giant has forecast that sales of its folding smartphones, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 will drive the company’s growth during the 2022 holiday season and into 2023. The company has intend to ride this wave of enthusiasm for devices with original shapes. It is thus rumored that its engineers are preparing to present a new type of screen at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas which starts in a few days.

According to the ETNews site, Samsung will unveil a hybrid screen during the world high mass of electronics. Rumor has it this technology could be used in two ways. It would not only be possible to fold the screen, but one could also enlarge it by sliding it, like the LG Rollable. As exciting as this technology is, Samsung apparently does not seem inclined to unveil it to a wide audience.

Samsung’s new screen will not only be foldable, but also rollable and expandable

He whispers to himself as well as alone a small number of chosen ones will have the scoop of a demonstration in a private cabin. Little information has filtered about this screen: it would measure 8 inches diagonally in the fully folded position, and 10 inches when fully unfolded. In “slide” mode, the diagonal of the display would reach 12.4 inches, the size of a large tablet. Such a screen necessarily questions: what type of device is Samsung considering?

Could it be a hybrid of smartphone and tablet, or, like Apple with its foldable 20” MacBook, Samsung wants to create a new type of laptop? Will it run on Android or on Windows/Linux? The Korean company could also content itself with patenting its technology and reselling it to other companies, as is already the case today. Of course, no information has yet filtered as to the price of this type of screen.

Source : WccfTech

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