Checking Your Browser: Why This Message Appears

Checking Your Browser error when opening a page

The problem when the Checking Your Browser message appears is that the web page we are trying to view is blocked and it shows us nothing. This message can be momentary and later disappear, but it could become something continuous.

Normally, it appears when we want to enter a specific website, but it could also appear in different pages at the same time. It is something relatively common, but we can also solve it in a simple way if we follow a series of steps that we will show.

In order to fix errors of this type so that they do not reappear, it is interesting to know why they appear. The positive thing about this type of failure is that we can see the error code or the message that it shows us and look for information to know what it is.

Why this problem appears

Why am I getting the Checking Your Browser message? That is the question that many users who encounter this problem will ask themselves. The reasons, as is often the case in these cases, are diverse. There is no single reason for you to show us this message, as we will see below.

Bot suspicion

One of the reasons the Checking Your Browser message appears is because there is a suspicion that we are a bot. For example if we enter a page repeatedly. We could be part of a botnet and that it tries to enter that page just to collect data, without actually having a user behind it.

This is one of the reasons why the browser sometimes does not show us a website. It can interpret that there is something strange behind a search or a visit to a specific web page.

Malware on the system

Of course it could also happen that we have some variety of malicious software in the system. This is something that can appear on many occasions, since no operating system or device is exempt from suffering complications of this type.

Malware, whether in the system or even in the browser, could cause crashes and not have access to a web page. Messages like this one that we covered in this article would appear and cause continuous errors.

Some extension creates conflict

Have we recently installed any extensions? Maybe that’s the problem. It is true that we have many accessories available, which can be very useful in our day to day, but sometimes they are also the main cause of browser problems.

If we run into an error like this, we must always take into account the possibility that it is due to an extension that is generating conflict. Especially a plugin that we have recently installed.

General problem with the browser

It is also possible that the cause is some general problem in the browser that we use. For example, it may happen that it is outdated or that the latest version installed is generating some kind of conflict and causing these errors.

There are many occasions in which the programs we use can be compromised by software errors, a bad configuration or the like. This could lead to major failures.

What to do to avoid the Checking Your Browser bug

We have seen what can be the main causes for the Checking Your Browser error to appear when we try to access a website. Now we are going to see what we can do to correct it and thus be able to navigate the network normally.

Check for malware

As we have indicated, one of the causes for this failure is due to some variety of malware on the computer. There are many threats present on the network and that can compromise the proper functioning of our systems. Hackers can use a wide variety of strategies.

To review correctly we can make use of a good antivirus. In this way we will scan to look for possible malicious files that may be damaging the proper functioning. It is always important to have security software that protects us.

Control installed extensions

Another point to take into account is to control what extensions do we have installed, how they work and, especially, those that we have added recently. There are many add-ons available for the main browsers, but sometimes problems can appear.

We must see if disabling all or some extensions this problem disappears and we can access normally. We must also review possible updates that we have made recently in this type of software.

See if the browser is up to date

We have the latest browser version? This is very important to reduce the risk of problems. In Google Chrome, which is the most used browser, we can easily see it. To do this you have to enter the menu above, go to Help and access Google Chrome Information.

Update Google Chrome

Once this is done, it will automatically start to see if there is a new version and install it. It is also a way to check which one we have installed at that moment and verify that there are no problems.

Check the date and time

One cause for the Checking Your Browser bug to appear is that it interprets that we are a bot or that there is something wrong with our connection. Basically this happens if you interpret that there is some automated process or strange that it shouldn’t.

Therefore, something that we can see to avoid problems of this type is the date and time of our equipment. Is it correct? Maybe we have a different one on and that is generating conflict when opening a web page with the browser. You could interpret the connection as coming from another geographic location.

Configure the VPN properly

Use a VPN it is something very common today. It is a very useful type of program that helps us in our day to day to connect to public wireless networks that may be insecure. The goal is to encrypt the connection and keep personal information safe, as it is sent as if it were traveling through a tunnel.

But it could happen that misconfigured or that it does not work well and that is creating conflict. We must check that there is no type of problem and in case of doubt we can try to stop it momentarily and see if this way the problem disappears.

Therefore, by following these steps that we have mentioned, we can avoid the Checking Your Browser message, something that can appear when trying to access a website. Simply by carrying out some actions of this type we can correct this problem.

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