China hasn’t approved any new games since July 2021

Everyone knows that China is one of the most hermetic countries in the world, censoring a large part of the content that can enter and leave the country. Although much of this secrecy focuses on the multimedia field, not only for the part of movies, series or music, but also in video games.

Although just a week ago we were talking about how the Asian giant had banned the global version of Steam, now there is another even more shocking news: China’s main video game regulator has not approved any new title since last July of 2021. This has been shared by SCMP, who assure that the National Press and Publications Administration of China (NPPA) has not issued any developer licenses since the middle of last year, thus censoring hundreds of local and international titles.

Due, several developers in the country have been forced to leave the business. On the other hand, other larger companies such as the owner of TikTok, ByteDance, have been forced to cut their losses through the layoffs of their employees involved in the video game segment; while the main leaders of the industry, Tencent Holdings and NetEase, have transferred part of their investment and resources to other foreign markets.

However, it is not clear whether NPPA’s inaction is the direct cause of these closures, especially given the current debt crisis in which China is currently mired, although this is certainly a premeditated move.

And it is that the government of China left us a 2021 really marked by fierce criticism and persecution of video games, calling some key state media outlets that this form of entertainment could be considered a “spiritual opium”, and even going so far as to create a special law to regulate the time minors could play some titles, reducing their already limited freedom to just three hours per week.

Therefore, given the repeated attacks by China on this sector, unfortunately everything indicates that the situation is not only far from changing, but we could see new and more stringent restrictions during this year.

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