They recreate the Iron Man suit to an epic level (and yes, it will be sold)

One of the advantages that the door to the multiverse has been opened in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is that there are still hopes that iron man will return. And it is that this superhero went from being a risky bet of Marvel to become the favorite character of many people. Well, the fanaticism for Iron Man has reached such a point that you will even be able to buy one of his best suits, the Mark IV.

The perfect collectible for those without powers

Like any standard person, the normal thing is that you were born without superpowers, and that throughout the years you have not had any incidents that have given you supernatural abilities. If you are one of us, surely you still hope that you will win a EuroMillion, or even hit the ball with bitcoins or NFTs. And so, become a wallet-based hero, in the purest Bruce Wayne style or Tony Stark.

More or less that way goes the new invention of Hot toys, the Hong Kong brand dedicated to making ultra-realistic scale collectibles with finished premium and totally exclusive. It is a figure a Tony Stark scale 1: 4 in his Iron Man Mark IV suit, with the face of Robert Downey Jr. perfectly visible and with a facial sculpting made with the most absolute perfection.

The figure is about 70 centimeters tall and represents one of the most iconic scenes from the second film of the trilogy. As if that were not enough, the figure is fully articulated, and can move up to 40 points different. Being to scale, we will not be able to dress in the suit, which more than one would like, not only because of the price that the armor could have, but because of the collateral damage that we know that carrying a turbojet in the vehicle can cause. chest. In any case, we must not take our eyes off Hot Toys, lest they start manufacturing full-scale Iron Man suits and become Hammer Advanced Weapons Systems.

Sale price, launch date and pre-purchase

iron man hot toys mark iv

Although Hot Toys just announced this new collectible, they have not released data on the price that the figure is going to have or the total number of units that are going to be put on sale, although it looks like the collection is going to have a very limited run, as well as a price that very few fans will be able to pay.

The pre-purchase process has not started yet, although we have been able to know that the delivery times are established between the second and third quarter of next year 2023, so the wait can be long for more than one. However, there are on the Hot Toys website smaller-scale Iron Man figures (1: 6, specifically) that have prices that exceed 400 euros per unit, so we can get a slight idea of ​​the price that this collectible will reach when it finally goes on sale.

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