Chrome 92 is here full of changes and improvements: update now!

Google Chrome is the most widely used web browser in the world, outpacing second place: Edge. Google, responsible for the development and maintenance of this, is constantly working to offer users the most complete browser, although it is true that, lately, users have been complaining about the lack of news in this browser, especially compared to how rivals like Vivaldi or Edge are evolving. Therefore, the new Chrome 92 brings us a browser full of changes, improvements and news that, from now on, we can enjoy.

What’s new in Google Chrome 92

The google chrome actions They allow us to execute certain tasks by typing them directly in the address bar, without having to search through the menus. This feature came with version 87 of the browser, and since then the update has been rare that has not added new actions. The latest available from this new Chrome 92 are:

  • Safety check: run the browser safety check.
  • Manage security settings: open Chrome security settings.
  • Manage sync: open sync settings.

Another novelty that we can find in this new version of the browser is within the progressive web applications, PWA. These applications are becoming more and more similar to the native programs that we can find in the browser. And, from now on, these apps release a significant visual improvement in the form of transitions. Google has decided to add their own transitions to these PWAs so that developers don’t have to add them on their own.

Although the tabs seem to be stagnant for Google, the company has wanted to improve the way of consulting the browsing history thanks to its new “Memories” function. This feature is disabled by default (we can activate it with chrome: // flags / # memories) and it will allow us to access this new panel from chrome: // memories. At the moment it is not very clear what this experiment will be, but everything points to becoming an alternative to the current chrome: // history.

The PIP function It has been with us for a long time. However, Google has finally listened to user requests and added a series of new controls to the overlay video window. From now on we will see icons to control the microphone and the camera when we are on a call, something very interesting for teleworking.

With regard to security, Google Chrome 92 has also improved its function of website isolation, offering users better privacy and protection against malicious websites. Google has also taken advantage of the new browser to add a lot of news and changes so that developers can better create their web pages.

Finally, it should be noted that, from now on, users of Android they will be able to control much better the permissions that they grant to the webs, as if they were the permissions of the apps. A very necessary novelty within this ecosystem. In Android, the way to follow web pages and the association of files with web apps has also been improved.

Download or update

As usual, this new version of Google Chrome will be downloaded and installed automatically for all users, even while we are not using the browser (at least on Windows). In addition, we can search for the new version, download it and install it from the section «Options> Help> Google Chrome Information«.

Google Chrome 92

Finally, if we are not yet Chrome users, we can download this new version from its website. We can even use the offline installer to install Chrome 92 on any PC that doesn’t have an Internet connection.

We remember that, although Google has not provided information (for security reasons), it has also corrected several vulnerabilities in this new Chrome 92. For this reason, and because of the news that we have just seen, it is vital to update as soon as possible.

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