Chrome 97: Google still emphasizes the protection of personal data

Google has just deployed version 97 of Chrome, its flagship browser. For once, Google’s efforts have focused on strengthening the protection of personal data, in particular through the addition of a rather practical tool. The web application interface has also been redesigned to look more like native apps.

chrome 97 new version
Credits: Google Chrome

Google announced the deployment on Tuesday, January 4, 2022 of version 97 of Chrome. With Chrome 96, Google has focused its work on the camera application by adding several features designed for office automation. Indeed, users can now operate the camera of their Chromebook to scan a document and then convert it to PDF or JPEG for example. A QR Code reader has also been added, while it is now possible to deactivate app notifications directly in the browser settings.

For this version 97, Google has decided to focus its efforts on strengthening the protection of personal data users. Indeed, the privacy and security settings welcome a new tool. It is now possible to delete all personal data recorded by a website you have visited. To do this, it will be necessary to go to Settings

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Chrome offers more options to manage cookies and permissions

Here you can see the full list of websites that have collected data about you. You can apply certain filters (by number of visits, amount of data collected, in alphabetical order) or search for a particular site. For each of them, you can revoke the authorizations given and delete the data collected via cookies. Until then, it was only possible to delete individual cookies.

Let’s continue this roundup of Chrome 97 additions with a redesigned interface for web apps, which now look a bit more like native apps. Indeed, developers can use the top application bar to integrate typing areas, navigation buttons and colored backgrounds. We continue with the addition of a new chrome flag: flags # enable-accessibility-page-zoom, which allows save your preferred zoom level on mobile.

Finally, let’s conclude with the arrival of a feature tested since Chrome 94: CSS is now able to determine if a screen is HDR compatible and adapt the display accordingly. To download Chrome 97, nothing could be simpler. In the browser, go to the options menu> Help> About Google Chrome. The download should start immediately.

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