Cisco Live 2023: more security and facilities for network management from the cloud

Cisco has opened your event Live 2023which is taking place in Las Vegas (United States), presenting its innovations to facilitate network management from the cloud, as well as to improve the security of different areas and services.

Among those in charge of the presentation is the Cisco CEO and Chairman Chuck Robbinswhich he has shown, accompanied by various executives of the company as well as by some of its most important clients, new technologies and improvements in products in areas such as networks, security, collaboration and optimization of applications.

In addition, details of the most important focus for the company in the short and medium term have also been given: achieving a more unified experience for partners and customers by accelerating their adoption of platforms and the cloud, while the company simplifies its product portfolio.

Cisco Networking Cloud

Among the technologies and innovations announced is Cisco Networking Cloud, a project that aims to simplify and offer a single platform experience for barrier-free management of all network domains. The Cisco Networking Cloud will essentially be a platform with enough intelligence to facilitate network management, eliminate silos, ensure performance, and reduce the workload on humans.

As a first step towards its implementation, Cisco will begin offering various elements and enhancements to its portfolio of networking products. Among them there will be several focused on improving the simplicity of operations, as well as their efficiency and reliability.

For example, the simplification of access to Cisco network platforms with a single login (SSO). Also a repository or API key exchange system that, when related to SSO, makes it easier for Cisco network platforms to connect and exchange data through automation, reducing barriers and failures.

Another novelty will be navigation between platforms, which will offer an easier step from one to another. A common user interface will also be coming to Cisco network platforms, increasing the consistency and ease of use of the various elements you need to work with.

With Cisco ThousandEyes, the company’s clients will have more end-to-end network security, as it offers improved visibility, automated information and agile workflows to ensure the improvement of the digital experience in networks, both on premises and in the cloud. On the other hand, Cloud Monitoring for Catalyst will allow you to view and manage Catalyst devices and troubleshoot them.

In addition, operations will be simplified with a simpler, more predictable and scalable Cisco Catalyst stack; in addition to improving the visibility of energy consumption information in data centers. The same will be true for the branding of the Cisco Catalyst stack, which will feature a new SD-WAN flexible subscription consumption model.

News in security

The company has also announced several security enhancements, including a new secure access (Cisco Secure Access) that offers seamless access from any point, device and application through a single platform. As for the new Cisco Secure Firewall 4200, it offers barrier-free connected experiences both in the office and on the go, along with Cisco Multicloud Defense, which takes care of security in any environment.

In the section on security of cloud native applications, Cisco is going to provide Panoptica with improved functions, with which it will have protection of the life cycle of cloud native applications in multicloud environments, from the code development phase to its upload to production environments.

Cisco has also announced the general availability of your FSO platform, which enables customers to build a robust application ecosystem based on an extensible and open architecture. The platform includes new unique use cases with a simple consumption model. In addition, the new two-way integration between AppDynamics and ThousandEyes will boost customers’ digital monitoring experience, and close the eggs in observability with fast, actionable data and recommendations.

Finally, Cisco Webex will have new generative summary functions driven by Artificial Intelligence, which will contribute to increasing productivity and improving the customer experience. In addition, Cisco’s cloud security will also integrate new AI functions, responsible for reducing complexity, simplifying policy management and improving response to threats.

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