Cloudera Creates an Open Source Enterprise Data-Powered LLM Chatbot

Artificial intelligence has become a highly positive tool for the data management and analysis. Companies of all kinds can find in AI a sure value with which to promote data analytics within organizations. With this objective, the hybrid data company Cloudera has presented its AI-based chatbot at The Six Five Summit event.

This is made up of an amalgamation of tools based precisely on large language models, the LLMs, with which your clients will be able to make use of generative AI based on their business environment, with complete security and governance.

The new Codera chatbot will use data from each organization. An LLM Chatbot powered with business data from Cloudera, which will become the first model that allows companies to use the Generative AI based on large linguistic models.

LLM with business data to democratize AI

One of its main novelties is that organizations can build their own AI application by opting for the open source LLM they prefer to use their data and all hosted by the company itself.

Until then, the different AI tools had to develop their interactive experiences using their own data but shared with external services.

It is, therefore, a highly beneficial new option for data scientists and ML experts, developers and business units… which helps to democratize AI.

“The AI ​​market changes rapidly. The reality is that data and business context will be constant for the success of any LLM or AI models (…) Cloudera has been helping companies get the most out of AI and ML for years, but we will continue to innovate and investing in our full range of products so that customers can benefit from trusted, secure and responsible AI-powered applications,” said Rob Bearden, CEO of Cloudera.

Until the announcement of this Cloudera novelty, the company allows its clients to manage and obtain all the value of their data hosted in both private and public clouds.

Among its most established products is Cloudera Open Data Lakehouse, which combines the capabilities of a data warehouse and a data lake, to improve knowledge within the company, the AI and Machine Learning solutions.

“Cloudera has developed a world-class open and hybrid data lakehouse solution,” explains Daniel Newman, CEO and Chief Analyst at The Futurum Group, adding, “managing 25 million terabytes of data from all its customers puts Cloudera at the same height than hyperscalars”

Generative AI based on large language models or LLM are only useful if the data with which they have been trained is of quality, And they also need the right context. For these models and AI to be successful, you need to trust this technology. And trusting AI starts with having quality business data.

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