CNN+, the most ephemeral streaming service in history?

It’s possible, even likely, that this is the first time you’ve read about CNN+, the recent and brand new streaming service of the popular news channel. I clarify, yes, that I am not referring to the Spanish version of CNN that, for a few years, was present in Spain by the Prisa group. The only common thing between both projects is the name and, soon, that both will be just a memory of the past. And yes, it is recent and will soon be history.

CNN+ was launched on March 29, just three weeks ago, and its proposal was to offer informative content for 24 hours through the Internet with streaming broadcasts. An interesting and ambitious proposal, since it was firmly committed to live shows with a technical invoice that we normally associate with television broadcasts, rather than those carried out through the Internet.

Also, for the prices that are common in the United States, it was not a particularly expensive service, his monthly fee was only six dollars a month and, in addition, as an initial offer until today it was offered with a discount for new accounts that reduced its amount by 50%, so that at the moment the cost of the subscription was only three dollars. Three dollars a month for information updated 24 hours a day, with the global reach that CNN has, and that was added to CNN+, it seems like a very competitive offer.

However, today we know, from the group itself, that CNN+ will close its doors on April 30. One month and one day has lasted the service life. A term so, so short, that it is undoubtedly worthy of analysis. And yes, over the years we have been able to see how not a few streaming services had to end up closing, but that one does and announces it before even completing its first month of life, it is surprising.

CNN+, the most ephemeral streaming service in history?

As we can read in the article published by the group itself, the reason for this immediate cessation would be the change of management of CNN, which has become part of the WarnerMedia conglomerate. And it is that if the previous management trusted this new platform, the CEO of Warner Bros, David Zaslav, considers that this goes against his plans, which go through locating all the company’s brands in a single service of transmission. Zolpidem And what platform is that? The service we told you about a little over a month ago.

According to the announcement, some content currently offered on CNN+ may remain on the group’s platformbut not all of it, to the point that the company itself confirms that the employees of the new service will have 90 days of employment and salary, a period that they can use to explore other options within the group.

It is certainly quite surprising that the project was launched if the acquisition was already underway and Warner’s plans were contrary to having an exclusive platform for CNN content, and this also makes us doubt about the volume of subscriptions that the platform would have obtained during these first weeks.

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