CoD Warzone 2 or the mania of releasing unfinished games and driving players crazy

I have to say that some of the game’s issues are silly, some are annoying but manageable, and some are very irritating. There are many problems and bugs that the game presents and it is the result of the developers habit of releasing unfinished games. You want to monetize a game even when it is not finished, simply, when you have a playable version it is released and we will correct the bugs.

Tired of the closures for the face of CoD Warzone 2

The game has many bugs, the most irritating being the “crash” by the face of the game. Above all, those who have played it will have noticed minor glitches What npc get off the helicopter and stay still. It is also common a fI’m on the radar or map, which generates as blocks that move and are annoying. A series of uncomfortable problems, but really, little relevant.

no doubt the most irritatingthat makes you want to punch the screen, is when you crash the game. It really is quite annoying that this happens in half game, for what it supposes. And what does it mean? Well lose all your equipment which can be quite infuriating.

The last two times they have meant losing a vest with two and three plates, sniper weapons and several keys. Of course, when you fall in the game you lose all your items, which is normal. If you fall it can make you more or less angry, but it is something that can happen, but lose everything because of a “crash” of the game for the face, generates anger.

It’s not something that happens to me alone, several friends I play with have suffered from it too. It is not a hardware problem, because with 4 cores and 8 threads, 16 GB of RAM and an RTX 3060 (speaking of a laptop) these “crashes” should not occur. No temperature issues, while it does get hot, it’s at the usual 80-90 degree level. It is that I have played Cyberpunk 2077 with Ray Tracing and I have not had problems, being this game with this technology, quite demanding.

What a mania to launch unfinished games

It is evident that the developers, at the slightest option they have, launch the game. We have seen in recent years how any game, even if it costs 60 Euros, has a brutal amount of bugs. we saw it with him cyberpunk 2077which launched with hundreds of failures and being a quite expensive paid game. Warzone 2 is free, something that can excuse, minimally, the problem of bugs.

But, in the end, they have turned all users into beta testers. They give us the unfinished game and expect us to report the bugs and one of these days they will fix it. This practice is also done by Microsoft with its Windows operating systems and the Insiders program. Now Microsoft saves having teams and people to test the updates and when they are finished, they are released, even though they are full of bugs. A model that is being implemented by game developers.

One can understand it, but if it is a “crash”, it touches a lot the real earrings that steal your inventory. I was playing with no problems, the game crashing because you didn’t launch it unstable, you shouldn’t bug me like this.

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