Could Google run out of storage space?

In the market we can find a large number of cloud storage platforms, platforms that allow us to save any type of file and access it from any location, either using the application for mobile devices or with any browser. While Amazon and Microsoft dominate among companies, Google is more focused on the public on foot, although it also offers its services to companies of all kinds. When we open a Google account, we automatically have 15 GB of free space with Google Drive.

New accounts are opened every day, which also have 15 GB of storage, so it is likely that at some time the question of what would happen if Google stayed no storage space. The normal thing is that we are the users who quickly, we take advantage of both the 15 GB and more space if we have contracted it, but that it can really happen to Google is unlikely. Or not?

Google, like other platforms, does not report the amount of data it stores on its servers, but, if we look at various analysts, the size of the data Google stores on its servers is between 10 and 15 exabytes (An exabyte is equal to a million terabytes.) Google is a conglomerate of services that, in addition to offering cloud storage, also offers email, applications, books, movies, and series, as well as billions of videos that are available on YouTube, so the huge amount of data that stores should not attract special attention.

Have you ever run out of space?

Google is no longer the company that was born in 1998 as a simple search engine. It is currently one of the most valuable technology companies in the world and, with the Internet being its main source of income, it has its own data centers, like Amazon, Microsoft and Apple, where the servers that allow both the company and the to customers, store all kinds of information without any limit.

These data centers work on demand so that if there are specific space needs, servers are launched to cover that need, servers that, once they have fulfilled their mission, are no longer operational until they are needed again. When any of the Google services stop working, it does not mean that it has run out of space, but rather that the problem is due to some communication problem or the functioning of the servers.

These issues can display different error messages to users. In 2020, Google Cloud reported that its servers were experiencing an internal storage problem, a problem that was fixed in less than an hour. This problem was not due to Google having run out of storage space, but due to an authentication error on the servers, an error that did not allow them to find space storage to save data.

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Today, at 3.47AM PT Google experienced an authentication system outage for approximately 45 minutes due to an internal storage quota issue. This was resolved at 4:32AM PT, and all services are now restored.

December 14, 2020 • 15:36

The number of chances that Google will run out of space is exactly the same as there is a chance of lose all data we have stored on their servers, since they are not stored on a single server, but several backup copies are made to avoid that if the server that stores them stops working or the hard drive is damaged, the data is not lost stored.

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