Create a Nintendo 3DS XXL with a Steam Deck and an 8-inch tablet

It’s not so long ago that we left behind the Nintendo 3DS to make way for the Switch, but if we take a look at said Big N handheld console, its screens may seem ridiculously small to play right now. But to Caesar what is Caesar’s: Nintendo 3DS has an absolutely brilliant catalog, and it’s a shame not to enjoy its titles because of the ergonomics of the console or the fact that we don’t want to force it on its screens. For this reason, a user of Reddit is obsessed with doing the biggest and most comfortable Nintendo 3DS possible. And yes, she has succeeded.

Improving the Nintendo 3DS experience (but without the 3D effect)

The Nintendo 3DS took its design directly from the previous generation. It was a console that took a long time to take off, but we can assure you that it was a good portable in terms of games. However, I had several weak points since its inception. As usual with the Japanese, the Nintendo 3DS was especially smalland if you got too addicted to games like Mario Kart 7, it was quite typical that you ended up with a little stiff fingers. The screen resolution it was also very poor, but it is also true that the hardware of the laptop could hardly have moved something with more resolution.

To avoid some of these problems, the company would end up launching the Nintendo 3DS XL, a somewhat larger and more comfortable console that also sold very well. However, a few years have passed, and we have already become accustomed to much larger screens and good resolution. The Reddit User rising_tony He’s been trying to make his own for a while now. giant nintendo 3ds. About a month ago, the user shared in the Steam Deck subforum a configuration of screens that had served him to play the 3DS in a slightly unusual way. The Valve console was used to emulate the games, while one of the monitors on his desk acted as the upper screen of the console.

This all sounded great, but this user’s setup was missing one of the 3DS’s basic features: portability. Recently, rising_tony has shared on the forum a mod what have you done to the Steam Deck that looks like a genuine Nintendo 3DS XXL. The user has attached a bracket to the Steam Deck casing to pull out a number of cables and an arm. From there he takes out a Samsung tablet that is perfectly aligned with the laptop screen.

structure mod steam deck nintendo 3ds.jpg

Then all you have to do is get Citra up and running and configure each screen separately. The result he has obtained is simply spectacular. Keep in mind that both the Nintendo DS and the 3DS are somewhat complicated consoles to emulate precisely because it is usually quite inconvenient to put the two outputs on the same screen. We are sure that rising_tony will enjoy Nintendo 3DS games like no one else in this Frankenstein that he has put together himself.

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