Create fun animations with your children’s drawings with this website

As the little ones in the house grow, they put aside the colored pencils to delve into technology, starting with the parents’ phone and tablet or directly with the computer. The number of applications and games aimed at children is very large, so with the right applications and games, we can safely let them entertain themselves. Despite being focused on children, very few are aimed at promote creativity they have shown when they were younger with a pencil and paper.

Whether we want our children to have more than enough motivation or to recover the need that all children have to paint, especially if they are anthropomorphic beings, we can help you thanks to the Animated Drawings website. As we can well deduce from its name, thanks to this website, we can animate the anthropomorphic drawings of the little ones, giving them the movement we want without having to download any application or having knowledge of animation or 3D design.

How to give movement to a drawing

The first thing that we must be clear about when using this website is that the drawing must meet a series of requirements. The first of all is that the arms and legs are shown independently of the body, that is, that they are not attached to it, since, otherwise, the animation cannot be carried out correctly. The second point that we must also take into account is that the drawing must be on a white background, without wrinkles or lines. In addition, we must try to make the photograph as illuminated as possible to avoid shadows that do not allow the web to distinguish between the torso of the character and the background. In the terms of use of this website, they state that we cannot use character drawings that are protected by copyright.

Once we are clear about the necessary requirements to be able to animate any drawing with anthropomorphic features (unfortunately it is only designed for drawings with human features, so we cannot use it to animate animals or other objects), the first thing we must do is upload the image to the web. To do so, once we are on the web, we must press the Upload Photo button.

Next, we must cut out the area of ​​the image where the character we want to animate is located and click Next.

animate drawings

Next, we must establish the lines of movement of the character so that the web is in charge of working with them independently and being able to give movement to both the arms and the legs while maintaining the torso and the trail, a face that we can also animate. We only have to drag the points to the appropriate place if they are displayed correctly. Finally, click on Next.

animate drawings

Finally, we must select the type of movement that we want our character to do. We can select different types of movement: dance, fun, jump or walk. As we select each one of them, the corresponding animation will be shown on the right side.

animate drawings

Finally, click on Share to share the animation. At the moment, we do not have the option to download the animation, but if necessary, we can use the Win + G shortcut to record the screen and later cut out the part where the animation is displayed.

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