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Disagreeing with the recent comments of the founders of Tipeee, some creators have left the platform. But others, for whom the income collected on the crowdfunding platform exceeds a thousand euros, preferred to keep their account, while calling on their supporters to make their donations at the competing platform, uTip.

The words of the founders of Tipeee in the show Complement of Inquiry of France TV were the last straw for certain creators present on the crowdfunding platform. Facing the camera, co-founder Michael Goldman says: “ I take responsibility for everything on this site, from the most anti-Semitic to the least anti-Semitic, and from the most conspiratorial to the least conspiratorial. While a small part of the creators shocked by the declaration immediately closed their accounts and thus put a mark, at least temporarily, on regular income, others preferred a gentler method of opposition.

On their Tipeee page, they openly invite their supporters to avoid Tipeee and to make their donations on uTip, its main French competitor. This is the case for example of StupidEconomics, displayed at more than 1,600 euros collected per month on the platform. Valentin Levetti, one of the two co-founders of the channel, told us on Friday that he could not abruptly cut ties with Tipeee, because the loss of income would have the consequence of stopping a project carried by an employee. So he is content for the moment to post a message to his community: ” Hey! Give instead on uTip: Tipeee refuses to remove pages from creators who promote racism, anti-Semitism, hatred and violence and refuses to comply with the law against hate and disinformation content . As journalists and creators, we cannot tolerate it.

Rather than leaving the platform, Mr. Phi posted a long message detailing his ethical reasoning. // Source: Tipeee page of Mr. Phi

Mr. Phi for his part, receives monthly income estimated at more than 2,200 euros. On his page he writes: ” If you hesitate, give instead on uTip “, While recalling that” you can of course continue to donate on Tipeee. He recalls in detail the facts and positions he criticizes the platform. ” Participating in the financing of speeches that clearly stoke hatred and disinformation while staying at the limit of legality, is to raise the bar of ethics as low as it is legally possible. », He judges. Chat Skeptique, a creator who receives nearly 1,000 euros in income on Tipeee, copied the exhaustive message from his counterpart on his page. Contacted on Saturday by Numerama to explain in more detail their intermediate position, the two videographers have not yet responded to our requests. The main activity of all the creators mentioned is the production of videos on YouTube, where they each have between 150,000 and 250,000 subscribers. For now, Tipeee lets this highlight of its competitor on its own platform.

Léo Grasset of the DirtyBiology channel, one of the biggest creators of Tipeee (with more than 1,500 supporters) also referred to the text of Monsieur Phi on his Twitter account. He calls on his supporters to favor uTip, but does not post it on his Tipeee account. ” It’s very risky (and hard) to move a community of supporters from one platform to another (…), it doesn’t happen like that. Tipeee was there first so out of caution many people avoid moving », He develops in response to his tweet.

“There is never a miraculous solution”

To partially understand the reluctance of some to leave the platform despite their ethical opposition to the recent positions taken by the founders of Tipeee, it suffices to look at the opposite case. ExServ, a creator specializing in video games, has decided in the quick. Saturday, September 4 in the morning, as soon as he learned about the context around the words of the founders of Tipeee, he closed his account and sent an explanatory message to its supporters via the platform. ” In my content and on a daily basis, I try to highlight values ​​and I do not find myself in the comments made by the leaders of Tipeee “, He justifies. With more than 1,300 euros collected per month, it is, according to our observations, the largest account to have closed to date. ” Tipeee represents a little over 40% of my income », Confides the videographer to Numerama. He now expects to have to dip into his savings planned for this kind of contingency, for a few months, while his more than 200 supporters transfer their donations to the Patreon account that he opened in the wake.

In the 11 years that I have been doing this job, I have learned not to put my eggs in the same basket. Between YouTube, which changes its algorithm several times and can cause advertising revenue to drop overnight and Twitch, which lowers the price of subscriptions, we are getting used to He grumbles. For creators, dependence on platforms is a latent problem, and parting with one can be like questioning their entire business. ” There is never a silver bullet. I am on YouTube and yet it is the paradise of the far right. In fact, I can’t know my absolute tolerance limit every time. But in Tipeee’s case I can actually see her, so I’ve decided that I don’t want to be associated with these people. », He elaborates.

“As a creator, I cannot claim to be apolitical”

ExServ registered on the crowdfunding platform in 2019: “ at the time, I was really in trouble. I had chosen Tipeee because they were French, it was in euros, and therefore there was no form to fill out as on American platforms. uTip then only offered to fund by watching advertisements, and my audience already has enough on YouTube. »Since then, uTip has evolved into a model very similar to Tipeee, and communicated on the recent controversial statements of its competitor to present itself as the number 1 alternative. But in the hope of not reliving the same scenario, ExServ preferred to turn to Patreon: ” they are more straightforward and procedural: their terms of use are much more specific than Tipeee and uTip, especially on fakes news.

Far from throwing stone at the creators who took a position different from its own, ExServ is aware of its advantage: “ if I were a big chain with employees and structural costs, maybe I would ask myself more questions. But in the context of my activity, I have, roughly, only one internet connection to pay. “

He concludes : ” 3 or 4 years ago, I might not have reacted like that. But right now, with hate speech and conspiracy on the rise, I don’t think that as a creator, I can claim to be apolitical and ignore what is tolerated on platforms.

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