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See Synopsis

Without making too many spoilers of the plot of this series, if we want with this section of the synopsis to awaken your curiosity about this peculiar story.

The “See” series is set in a post-apocalyptic future in which a virus devastated humanity and left them completely blind the few survivors. This disease is something that is transmitted from parents to children, creating a human race that cannot see anything around it although, of course, sharpening the rest of its senses.

Humanity has returned to an almost prehistoric state, surviving on the remains of a past life and what they can achieve themselves despite their vision impairment. All this has made the survivors live in small tribes, such as the one in the story of this series and whose leader is Baba Voss. This burly man is in charge of bringing his people forward but, above all, her two sons” who keep a secret: they can see without any problem.

And it is that, really, these two little ones are not their true children. They are the offspring of a mysterious man who also possesses the gift of vision and who, to enrich the culture and curiosity of his children, leaves them books and information about what the world was like before the apocalypse.

But of course, the existence of the two young men they see reaches the ears of the ruthless queen kane who, at all costs, wants to locate them in order to assassinate them. After a first attempt, Baba Voss and his adopted children have to flee to stay safe and it is right here where a path begins that will take many turns for everyone.

See Trailers

As they always say, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” For this reason, if this introduction to the story told by the series has not been enough for you, we leave you below all the trailers available so far.

See Official Trailer: Season 1

See Official Trailer: Season 2

See cast

As you may have already realized from the photographs and videos that we have been showing you, the cast of this Apple series is tremendously powerful.

The first member of the cast that we want to introduce to you, although he does not need it too much, is Jason momoa that gives life to the character of Baba Voss. As we have already told you, he is a deadly warrior, the leader of his tribe and adoptive father of two children with the power of vision in a world of the blind.

On the other hand we have Sylvia hoeks, in charge of interpreting the Queen kane. A character that represents evil and perversion made a person, whose main objective within the plot of this series is to kill those who have the gift of vision.

We can also enjoy the work of Alfre Woodard, in charge of giving life to Paris. She is the sage / shaman of the Alkenny tribe. Her main role is to guide Baba Voss and play the role of his adoptive mother.

Another of the main characters is that of Maghra, interpreted by Hera hilmar. She is the wife of Baba Voss and the biological mother of children with the gift of vision. But she hides a great secret, she is also the sister of Queen Kane.

The character of Tamacti Jun is interpreted by Christian camargo. A general in Queen Kane’s army, who pursues the sons of Baba Voss with his men.

And, speaking of these children, the papers of Kofun and Haniwa come to life thanks to Archie Madekwe and Nesta Cooper. Kofun is cautious and intelligent, and usually acts less impulsive than his sister. Haniwa, on the other hand, is proud, strong and much more rebellious than Kofun.

The character of Bow Lion, also known as “the shadow”, is carried out by Yadira Guevara-Prip. She is an Alkenny warrior with the ability to stealth, which allows her to move without generating noise and, together with the vision problems of the rest, makes her practically undetectable.

For his part, arriving in the second season of the series, the character of Edo Voss comes to life thanks to Dave Bautista. And, as you can imagine from his last name, he is Baba Voss’s brother. He is the vengeful general commander of the Trivantian army and the nemesis of the main character of this series.

In the second season we also meet Lord harlan, interpreted by Tom misison. He is the ruler of the city of Pennsa, the strongest place in the kingdom. He talks too fast, he’s too smart and cunning, as well as a great childhood friend of Maghra.

Finally, among the main characters that we have met so far in this second installment, we have Eden Epstein What Wren. The lieutenant of the Trivantian army. She is ambitious and a confidant of Edo Voss.

Seasons of See on Apple TV +

If you were wondering how many seasons this series has, how many chapters it has and what is the average duration of these, here we leave you all the information on this topic:

  • Season 1: 8 episodes, between 49 – 57 minutes each.
    • Chapter 1: The Call of God.
    • Chapter 2: Message in the bottle.
    • Chapter 3: Fresh Blood.
    • Chapter 4: The river.
    • Chapter 5: Plastic.
    • Chapter 6: Silk.
    • Chapter 7: The Lavender Path.
    • Chapter 8: House of Revelation.
  • Season 2: 3 episodes, between 54 – 62 minutes each (of those broadcast so far).
    • Chapter 1: Brothers and Sisters.
    • Chapter 2: Forever.
    • Chapter 3: The Compass.

When are all the episodes of See season 2 released?

Although the second season of this series has already been officially released, the dynamic that Apple usually follows on its platform is to premiere a weekly episode.

The first of season 2 of See was released on August 27, 2021 and, therefore, the dates of the following would be like this:

  • Chapter 1: premiere on August 27th of 2021.
  • Episode 2: premiere on September 3 of 2021.
  • Chapter 3: premiere on September, 10th of 2021.
  • Chapter 4: premiere on September, 17th of 2021.
  • Chapter 5: premiere on 24th September of 2021.
  • Chapter 6: premiere on October 1st of 2021.
  • Chapter 7: premiere on October 8th of 2021.
  • Chapter 8: premiere on October 15th of 2021.

If you have not seen the first season, we recommend that you go to the next section because, now, we are going to make you a small summary of the synopsis of this second installment.

Here we meet again with Baba Voss who continues with the fight to reunite his entire family again and escape from all the open wars that surround them. But instead, he bumps into a spirit from the past: Edo Voss, his own brother from whom he was separated a long time ago.

The argument this time becomes much deeper and raises doubts to everything around them. Is there something beyond the tribe? What are the witch hunters hiding?

See Season 3 Premiere on Apple TV +

If you were a follower of the first installment of See, you may have noticed that the premiere of the second was delayed like many other publications.

But, in this case, not all the blame has been COVID-19. Or so Deadline wanted to transmit it to us, communicating that the production team took the opportunity to record seasons 2 and 3 consecutively.

Therefore, and after the official confirmation by Apple, we can say that we will see, at least, a third season of this wonderful series. When will it be released? Well, we still do not know anything more about it, although, knowing that it is already filmed, we hope that it does not delay too much. Although, yes, we intuit that the date will be set on the 2022 calendar, since the second season will end its broadcast in October 2021.

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