CRUMB Circuit Simulator, the electronic game that will prevent you from burning down your house

Electronics covers everything

Right now, if you want to experiment with circuits and all kinds of electronic projects, you must, first of all, spend good money on components and, later, venture to do tests To show you that you know what you’re doing. Along the way we run the risk of burning something due to a miscalculation in the current that we inject into the entire circuit or a badly installed element. So why take so many risks.

That must have thought Mike Bushell when he began to develop CRUMB Circuit Simulator, a game that you have on Steam since last November 18 and that it is perfect for those who want to experiment before manufacturing. And as you can imagine, the possibilities of this simulator are immense because although it initially comes with a good catalog of components to use, it plans to expand with new ones. packages in the future.

As you can see in the video that you have above, this CRUMB Circuit Simulator he doesn’t take any license or wink at us trying to like us distorting the experience of manufacturing an electronic circuit with a pure and simple gaming element. On the contrary, he is very serious and only wants those who venture into his menus to be players who know what they are playing, who can measure voltages, the placement of the different elements and, of course, expect a concrete result from the decisions they make.

CRUMB Circuit Simulator.

Forget the workbench

Mike Bushell is clear about it and wants that with CRUMB Circuit Simulator say goodbye to the old workbench where we have all the tools to manufacture the most complex circuit. Well, actually, he doesn’t want you to throw it away either, but to leave it there ready so that, when the results in the game are what you expect, you can then apply what you’ve tried in real life without risk and, above all, without spending more than necessary in components that are worthless to us.

CRUMB Circuit Simulator is an interactive learning tool and immersive, fully developed in 3D, so that we can see every millimeter of the circuit from any point of view, in full detail, and with the opportunity to always save our work, everything we have done, and test it over and over again until we we get the expected results.

With this launch you will be able to study from the operation of a transistor to the programming of an EEPROM to execute very basic programs and, of course, help those who study electronics on foundations as classic as those of interactivity or the replication of models that already work in the real world for educational purposes.

If you want to buy it, remember that You have it on Steam at a price of 8.79 euros and also on iOS and Android under the name of CRUMB: 9.99 euros in the App Store and just 8 in the Google Play Store.

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