Today: These Windows will be without internet soon, delete this extension from Firefox and more

If we focus on Google, we are talking about a company that was initially created as a simple content search engine in Internet. However, while it became the absolute leader in this sector, the firm launched many other platforms and applications until it reached what it is today. And it is that we want it or not if we are surrounded by technological devices and we make use of them, at some point we use Google services.

Check out Google’s first contract with a data center

However, as they say, both people and companies have a past. Well we say all this because the search giant It just turned 23 years since you signed your first contract with a data center. In fact, next, we are going to show you a copy of this contract that was sent to a fax at that time.

It goes without saying that since then both the firm as such, the world of technology, and our lives have changed a lot. But it is still something curious to be able to look back and see the beginnings of something like Google.

Computers with this Windows or macOS will be left without internet

Generally, most of the users keep their operating systems and installed applications properly updated. But for one reason or another this does not always happen, which over time can lead to some computer. This is the case that concerns us now and that we are going to explain to you.

We tell you all this because those teams that are still working with Windows XP Service Pack 3, or earlier versions, or with a macOS prior to 2016, they will soon be without internet. All this is given by a certificate that is used in these computers and that will expire on September 30, 2021. Actually, we refer to the root certificate that Let’s Encrypt still uses, IdentTrust DST Root CA X3.

Once it expires in a matter of a few days, web browsers will no longer trust the certificates issued by the webs, so they will be left offline. Therefore, the only solution here will be to update the computers with operating systems more modern.

Be careful with this Firefox extension, you have to uninstall it as soon as possible

Extensions are those elements that we add to web browsers to improve their functionality. Although most are fully reliable, there are some of these add-ons that are more harmful than useful. We tell you all this because it has just been discovered that the Firefox Safepal Wallet extension steals cryptocurrencies from users.

firefox addon

That is why if you have the extension installed in the Mozilla browser on your PC, remove it as soon as possible. In fact, as has now become known, this malicious plugin tricked many users by emptying their cryptocurrency wallets for months. Therefore, if you have this cryptocurrency wallet application, you should delete it as soon as possible.

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