Curious about the CRYPTO market? Participate in our raffle

Are you passionate about the world of cryptocurrencies? Have you invested or do you want to start investing in NFT’s? Do you need more information about the possibilities of virtual currencies? From W3volution we are going to help you and, for this, we raffle six gifts, courtesy of Material BTC and w3volution. The total prizes are valued at more than 600 euros Pay attention to this contest because it is very easy to participate!

Whether you are a newbie or have been operating in the crypto market for a while, it never hurts to receive training and information from those who know the most about this matter. Therefore, one of the gifts is a subscription to Masterclass for a whole year, but it is not the only thing you can get with this giveaway. Become an NFT owner of the Manchester United football team and see, first hand, everything that this type of technology offers you.

Finally, we could not leave out one of the most essential tools of the crypto world: the wallets. Electronic wallets that allow us to save and store digital money, among many other advantages.

The draw is already in the air and You have until March 3 to participate.. On the 6th we will officially announce the winners. You just have to leave us some information, are you going to miss this opportunity?

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What do we raffle?

Here you can see the list of gifts:

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  1. An annual DUO (multi-device) subscription to Masterclass (valued at €250). The new Netflix from Edutaiment where you can improve your cooking together with the best chefs in the world; understand the principles of Web3 and the Blockchain from CZ (CEO of Binance), Emilie Choi (President and COO of Coinbase) and Paul Krugman (Nobel Prize in Economics); know the best tricks to make viral videos…
  2. Two packs of a Manchester United Devil NFT + Rare Key (valued at €100 each). Get access to the first series of NFTs from one of the world’s top soccer clubs with your own NFT from a series limited to 7,777 units and which gives membership to an exclusive club within the team’s fans, where there are conversations with the players , discounts for merchandising, tickets and raffles. Who knows, you might remember us when you’re watching Manchester United from Old Trafford, thanks to your “Devil”.
  3. Three BTC Cold wallets, (valued at €90 each). Thanks to our friends at Material BTC we bring you the option to turn this wallet into an ingot of your Satoshis and in the case of the luckiest of your Bitcoins! It is a card for you to practice HODL and become true Diamond hands, with an extremely simplified interface so that even your father can have BTC. This Spanish company offers a virtually indestructible steel wallet, so you keep a few savings, go to the safe and come back for them when they are the down payment for the house or the new car. (To opt for this last prize it is necessary to be within the Material BTC Telegram group).

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