Cybersecurity Course in GRC: characteristics, duration and price

At Daferra Technological School they have created a advanced GRC training course from scratch (without the need for prior technical knowledge), with the aim of training future professionals in this world of cybersecurity. The GRC is really one of the most important pillars of information security for organizations, although it may not be as well known as the hacking courses that we can find both in person and online. According to him ObservaCiber of INCIBE (Spanish Cybersecurity Institute), more than 85,000 jobs will need to be filled in Spain in 2025, in addition, salaries are usually above the general averages of the country.

Course contents

This master-type course is completely online and asynchronous (you can start whenever you want), and it is also enabling on a professional level (theoretical-practical). It is done through an e-learning platform designed from scratch by the company, and the estimated duration to obtain the maximum benefit is approximately 180 hours, although it can be done in a more agile way without delving so deeply into the complementary material. It has the following content blocks:

  • Security Government
  • Risk analysis
  • Normative compliance
  • Security audit
  • Legal regulation
  • Annex I: professional opportunities
  • Annex II: official certifications

During the training itinerary there will also be a large number of very representative practices of the real work of a GRC cybersecurity professional. You will be able to develop security policies, security master plans, technological risk analysis, audits based on ISO 27001 or National Security Scheme, business continuity plans, data protection impact assessments, etc.

Other characteristics of this online course are that there are periodic group sessions with tutors, who have extensive professional and teaching experience. There may also be master classes taught by other professionals in the information security sector. And of course, the student can ask any questions about the theory or request a review of their practices through the platform, as well as there will also be a Discord forum with the rest of the classmates who take the course.

It consists of more than 16 hours of training videosthe five theoretical blocks are equivalent to more than 400 pages in total, 9 representative practices of GRC information security activities, more than 300 pages of practical content, 200 bibliographical references to further expand knowledge in this world, more than 50 normal, laws and regulations, as well as 200 multiple choice questions to self-evaluate the knowledge acquired.

Of course, the student can ask any questions via the query form, but there will also be a Discord forum with the rest of the classmates who take the course.

Who it is aimed at and professional opportunities

This advanced GRC cybersecurity course is aimed at people who want a transition in their professional career towards cybersecurity GRC, regardless of whether they come from the technological world or not. It is also aimed at people who work in this sector and want to expand their knowledge: it is clear that these people will benefit greatly from the course because they will be able to assimilate new knowledge and reinforce what they already have. Finally, it would also be suitable for students who want to enter the world of cybersecurity quickly. It is important to highlight that to dedicate yourself to GRC work, it is not necessary to have a technical profile or have previously studied engineering.

It would also be of interest to companies seeking to train their employees in cybersecurity, either to save costs or improve its level of protection, for example, by being able to hire personnel without advanced knowledge and train them internally. Or simply if they want to incorporate this training into their portfolio of services to third parties, such as cybersecurity consultants. If you want to study on a subsidized basis through FUNDAEyou can consult with the School since they offer this possibility through the University of Mondragón in the Basque Country, also in online mode.

Regarding professional opportunities, it must be taken into account that knowledge in GRC is necessary in the vast majority of organizations. Some of the examples of jobs you could apply for are the following:

  • Information systems analyst.
  • Risk analyst.
  • Strategic auditor, regulations, compliance and controls, resilience, training and awareness.
  • IT specialist with cybersecurity knowledge.
  • Cybersecurity project manager.
  • Security PMO.
  • Privacy and data protection.
  • Health information security specialist.
  • Technical auditor.
  • Cybersecurity Product Manager
  • account manager,
  • Data Protection Officer
  • security governance
  • CISO

As you can see, this course adapts perfectly to a large number of potential profiles, and in a market with a high and growing demand for professionals. Furthermore, it is possibly the most exhaustive and complete course in this field on the market, and with fully updated materials that have received very good feedback from students and professionals.

Price and discount

The normal price of this GRC specialized cybersecurity course worth €1,800However, if you use the code «REDESZONE» When purchasing it, you can have a discount of €410 on the registration price. This offer is available until December 3, 2023. If you are under 30 years old, contact the school directly because they could offer you a scholarship if you meet certain conditions.

As you have seen, with this advanced course you will be able to train yourself in this world of Government and Security Management, Risk Management, and Regulatory Compliance and retrain or access a profession with a great future, at the speed that you determine (even in less than 6 months). To get the most out of this course, it is advisable to dedicate approximately 180 hours to it, although it could also be less since it is flexible training.

And if you still have doubts about whether this is for you, write to them through the contact form or sign up for the Daferra Technology School newsletter from any article on their blog or podcast, and you will have immediate and free access to a masterclass in which they will tell you in great detail what information security is, why it makes sense to dedicate yourself to it, options, roles to play, career opportunities, salaries, types of companies to work for, and training options, among other things. Do not let this chance go away!

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