Dexter returns to offer you the ending you wanted (and not with a ninth season)

Dexter: New Blood

The new series will take us 10 years later since Dexter disappeared from Florida simulating his death in the middle of Hurricane Laura. It was a hasty and meaningless ending, although many found in Debra’s death a poetic way of signing the latest murder of our protagonist. It will be a matter of points of view, but for us it was not the ending we expected, much less considering the previous seasons that we had enjoyed (who could have forgotten the end of Trinity?).

But Dexter returns. One of the last presentations of the San Diego Comic Con served to unveil the first trailer of Dexter: New Blood, the new series that will take the murderer to show his new life in Iron Lake, a fictional city in New York where he will call himself Jim Lindsay and where he will meet Angela de Jones, the city’s police chief with whom he will establish a relationship and with whom he will be able to obtain confidential information on the things that happen for the town.

After rejecting his dark past for years, it seems that Dexter is rekindled by a series of events that happen in the region, so he will apparently have to put on latex gloves again in these 10 new episodes. one hour long.

Will it connect with the original series?

Beyond continuing the new life that he showed at the end of the last season (he began working as a lumberjack in Oregon far from Miami), it seems that some actors from the original series will appear in this new installment. Some of them have already been leaked as is the case with John Lithgow (Trinity) and Jennifer Carpenter (Debra), but considering that they are characters who were murdered, it is most likely that they appear in the form of memories.

When it premieres?

Dexter’s new series will hit Showtime programming next November 7, so we still have a few months ahead of us until we can see our dear Dexter again. According to the creators, the end of the season “will blow the internet”, so it seems that we will have a fairly significant impact on the plot, something that unfortunately we did not get with the original ending of the series.

If you want to do a little memory or you simply did not see the original series, you can currently see its 8 seasons through Prime Video, so it is never too late to see one of the series that conquered the most 15 years ago.

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