Did your NVIDIA or AMD GPU die playing New World? Amazon is guilty

You may not be up to date with what happened, although it is really difficult after the commotion that was mounted by all the problems that arose, but we will do a brief summary: Amazon’s new game, New World, destroyed quite a few graphics cards while they were rendering said game . Now and following EVGA’s statements, extensive research and hundreds of Amazon tests pinpoint the problem.

Manufacturers must take their blame, New World is safe

It may seem obvious that a company fights and defends its product, even if they know that they are wrong and that they have made a mistake, the typical flight forward. The brand image is what matters and then the problem will be solved (or not) later, but when negative publicity impacts you as a company and it is not your fault, then… You have to point out the culprits to discern the innocent.

Amazon has released some statements to put white on black that do not leave anyone indifferent:

In the last few days, we have received few reports of gamers having problems with their GeForce RTX cards. After extensive investigation, we were unable to identify any unusual behavior by New World that could be the cause of these issues. EVGA has already confirmed bugs in the production of some GeForce RTX cards. New World can be played safely. For gamers who have encountered a hardware failure, we recommend that they contact the manufacturer.

It is a very subtle way of not blaming yourself and of throwing balls away at the manufacturers, although without a doubt they have some reason, but how much truth is there in this?

The fault of NVIDIA and AMD, the manufacturers or the game?

New Worlds breaking GPU

The conjectures, statements and statements give a somewhat explosive mix and with that we have to recapitulate. At the NVIDIA launch for Ampere, problems with black screens, sudden deaths and a long etc. were registered with the MLCCs in the GPUs to the point that manufacturers stopped production lines to implement changes in this regard and launch the largest number of models with postcaps vs MLCC.

Even the photos of the rear parts were changed with the maximum speed in an attempt to not lose sales, NVIDIA launched a driver that lowered the frequencies so as not to exceed the consumption of its chips and everything seemed to work correctly after weeks of madness.

The number of RMAs for AMD and NVIDIA seemed to be within the norm for any series of GPUs, until New World arrived and here the controversy returned. Apparently and although Amazon says otherwise, some game code sequences may require higher peak frequencies and voltage than what NVIDIA or AMD graphics cards allow.

New World Breaking GPU

In certain models this is limited by hardware, although we are talking about picoseconds really, but some manufacturers like EVGA could not achieve this due to different soldering problems, but they are not the only ones. Virtually every vendor has faced sudden GPU deaths with New World, since RTX 3080 until RTX 3090some even caught fire.

Therefore, we understand that Amazon has found the problem, has corrected it, the manufacturers will have done the same with the new batches of GPUs and NVIDIA will be monitoring that their drivers handle the information correctly to limit uncontrolled peaks if necessary. This does not mean that New World is a GPU Killer Far from it, but the reality cannot be ignored either, and this according to Jeff Bezos is that manufacturers have to take responsibility for the hardware they create.

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