Discounts on the 12.9-inch iPad Pro and Apple Pencil!

The iPad Pro, as its name suggests, is the iPad with the most features offered by the Cupertino company. And it is that it has a processor that could well be that of a computer but with a full touch screen. It is an ideal complement for those who work illustrating or with images, since it is a much simpler way to be able to edit and create, as if you were doing it by hand.

It is clear that we all like to be able to save some money on the purchase of an electronic product, especially considering that Apple does not offer discounts directly in its stores or web pages. If you want to obtain any of its products at a discount, you will have no choice but to buy it in other stores or websites that are not official Apple ones. In addition to the discounts available on the iPad, there are also discounts available on the Apple Pencil, which is the best complement that an iPad Pro can have. And if you want to get the most out of the iPad, the most convenient thing is that you get a Apple Pencil, since you will be able to do many more things in a more professional way. If you are interested in acquiring an iPad Pro, we leave you with some quite striking discounts:

space gray:

  • 128GB: 100 euros discount
  • 256GB: 80 euros discount
  • 512GB: 80 euros discount
  • Q1: 341 euros discount
  • 2T: 158 euros discount


  • 128GB: 70 euros discount
  • 256GB: Not available
  • 512GB: 134 euros discount
  • 1T: Not available
  • 2T: 356 euros discount

Apple Pencil

  • First generation: 5 euros discount
  • Second generation: 6 euros discount

Is a 12.9-inch iPad Pro worth it?

This is undoubtedly a fairly common question among potential new buyers of the iPad Pro, and it is that, as in many cases, it depends on the use that you are going to make of the device, also taking into account personal preferences. The 12.9-inch iPad has a fairly large screen, so keep that in mind because when it comes to transporting it, it can be more complicated, larger and heavier.

If you have already had iPad Pro before, you will hardly notice the change between one model and another at first glance, but you will notice it at the performance level. If you come from another generation or have never had an iPad Pro before and you are convinced that you will be able to take advantage of it, it is undoubtedly an extremely interesting investment in a device that will continue to be supported for many years. Study well if it is worth buying a device of this caliber for the use you are going to give it or if, on the contrary, perhaps with a model with fewer features you can have enough.

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