District 10: Neill Blomkamp reveals film will be linked to “a question of American history”

Since fans of District 9 celebrated the announcement of the arrival of District 10, can’t wait to learn more about the sequel to the sci-fi movie Neill Blomkamp, released in theaters 12 years ago. District 10 is currently being written by the writer / director of the original film who, speaking with IGN, after announcing that he has joined the game developer Gunzilla to make a multiplayer shooter, he revealed that the plot of the film will be linked to “a particular issue of American history”.

Will District 10 be linked to an event in American history?

When asked about District 10, Blomkamp explained that the sequel will take a cue from American history and that it took so long to get it done due to its obsessive search for a topic worth bringing into the sci-fi sequel.

“That script continues to be written. It seems good. It took ten years to figure out, to find a reason to make that film instead of just doing a sequel. “

While the South African setting was at the heart of District 9’s story, the new film will therefore likely show what happened in the United States when the world found itself with alien refugees on Earth. Blomkamp joked on the subject saying:

“There was a topic in American history that, the moment I realized it fit the world of District 9, it felt like a great way to do a sequel. So yes, it continues to be developed and is getting very close ”.

Blomkamp didn’t go into detail on what the topic in question would be, but everyone’s hope is that the years spent waiting for the return of Christopher Johnson are paid off by a sequel worthy of the first film.

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