Do light bulbs burn out sooner with WiFi? Keep this in mind to choose well

In order to save on the electricity bill, something that we can take into account is the use of smart bulbs. We can program them, adjust the brightness, turn them off remotely… But there is a question that can raise doubts and that is whether the Wi-Fi light bulbs they melt before the normal ones. We are going to talk about it in this article. Let’s explain what useful life have and if there are differences or not with the traditional ones.

Light bulb life with Wi-Fi

It should be noted first of all that the bulbs burn out sooner or later depending on various circumstances. For example the temperature. A bulb located in a place where it is covered, such as in a lamp, will increase the temperature more than if it is in the open air, so its useful life may decrease. Also depending on how many times we turn it off and on, as well as the continuous time that it is on.

That said, the led bulbs They are the most durable and the intelligent ones that you will find that use this technology, which is why they are the ones that consume the least and also the ones that melt the least. But you should keep in mind that not all of them have the same quality. Therefore, our advice is to choose a Wi-Fi bulb from well-known brands that offer good quality.

In general, with reasonable and proper use, a traditional LED bulb and a Wi-Fi LED bulb should have a similar lifespan. However, it is true that smart bulbs have more functions, such as being able to adjust the brightness or color from the mobile. This can make it more likely that a fault will appear as the time of use passes.

But as we say, it will depend on the quality of that bulb and also of the use that we give it. A light bulb with Wi-Fi that we simply turn off and on like a traditional one is not the same as another to which we constantly change the color or brightness, for example. In the latter case, it will suffer greater wear, as well as greater heating that decreases its useful life.

You can see some smart bulbs:

Choosing quality bulbs is the key

Our advice is that you always choose quality smart bulbs. Today the price has dropped a lot compared to a few years ago and the quality is higher. But we can find some cheaper and simpler models that, although it does not mean that they are bad bulbs, they could have a shorter useful life. It is something that you will also find in traditional light bulbs, but perhaps in Wi-Fi this is more present.

Whenever you go to buy a smart bulb you will be able to see the useful life it has. Although there are models that indicate that they can last about 15,000 hours, others will exceed that figure. It is important to choose a model that offers a long lifespan, but sometimes the best thing to be sure is to read comments and ratings from other users to see how they work in real life.

In short, as you can see, a bulb with Wi-Fi can be more delicate than a normal LED, but that does not mean that it should have a shorter useful life and that it burns out sooner. Everything will depend on the use you give it and, especially, on the quality of the model you have purchased.

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