Never save this on your mobile or PC! they are going to hack you

It is important to control very well what we save on the devices we use. We could be victims of a computer attack and that will mean that they can access everything stored. Therefore, we are going to tell you everything you should avoid having stored, in an accessible way, on your mobile. In case you lose it, it is stolen or someone has access to the device, either physically or remotely, you will avoid major problems.

The objective is preserve privacy the maximum possible. You must seek that your data is protected, that it is not easy for an attacker to access it. That will guarantee you greater protection, in case a problem occurs. Keep in mind that hackers may pursue multiple strategies to gain access to a device.

What to avoid saving on mobile

What should you avoid storing on your mobile? We are going to show you some clear examples. However, the same can also be applied to other devices, such as the computer. It does not mean that they can only access your mobile, since the same could happen in other devices that you have.


Without a doubt, something that you should never store on your mobile are the passwords. It can be tempting, since simply by having a note, you will be able to access the keys you need to log in to social networks, the Wi-Fi network or any other Internet platform where you have to authenticate.

In case you need something similar, what you can do is use a password manager. You will have the keys stored there, but protected with a master password. A way to maintain security at all times and avoid problems.

Addresses and sensitive information

Another mistake is saving physical addresses or any sensitive information that could compromise you if it ends up in the wrong hands. Do not save data of this type that may facilitate identity theft, that is registered with that address in online services, etc. It is a mistake that you should avoid.

Any sensitive information that you have to keep, it is better that you store it in an encrypted form. You can even use key managers as well, since some programs have the option to save texts, such as addresses.

Personal and third party data

Something similar happens with the personal information, but also those of third parties. You should not have data on your mobile that could put a company, another person or yourself at risk. For example, sensitive data from your work, from your company, from a relative who has given you some type of information so that you can carry out a procedure.

All this should be limited as much as possible. It is necessary that you prevent any sensitive data from being exposed on the network. Check very well what you store on the phone, as well as on other devices you use.

Personal data on the Internet

Methods to access the bank

The methods to access the bank, coordinate cards or similar to make payments, are another type of information that you may be tempted to save on your mobile. They are data that you do not use frequently, so it is normal for you to forget them. To prevent that from happening, you end up saving it on your mobile and that’s it.

You should never do that. It is better that you avoid storing this type of information or, failing that, that you do it through applications such as key managers, where you can keep the information properly protected and not have problems.

As you see, all this you should avoid storing on mobile. The goal is to avoid problems, in case someone might gain access to the device. They can hack the mobile remotely, so it is always advisable to take certain measures to avoid problems.

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