Do not fall in the trap; never do this and they won’t get into your Wi-Fi

Can have intruders for different reasons, but it will almost always be because of some mistake you have made. You have overlooked something, you have been overconfident or you have made some change that is not correct.

Avoid mistakes or your WiFi will be stolen

You may notice that the connection is not working well and wonder if there may be intruders on the network. You do a test by accessing the settings, to see the connected devices, and check that there are devices that you do not recognize. Your doubts begin about how they could have enter the Wi-Fi network. It almost always happens after some mistake.

Always leave the same password

The first mistake is to always leave the same password. Especially, it is a mistake to leave the default password when they give you the router. The first thing that can happen is that there is some vulnerability, that key has been exposed, and someone has been able to find it out. But you could also make it easier for a hypothetical attacker to steal it, through brute force, if you use a weak key.

Our advice is that you use a password that is strong and complex, that is completely random and that you are not using it elsewhere. You can use letters (both upper and lower case), numbers, and other special symbols. This will help you have a really robust key and thus avoid problems.

Don’t check updates

Another common mistake is not checking for updates. If you have the firmware version of the obsolete router, that can lead to vulnerabilities. They could enter your network, without you realizing it, just by exploiting those flaws. Be careful with older routers, as they do not always receive these updates.

Therefore, we recommend that you check that you have the latest version. If not, install it to improve security. In addition, you will be able to obtain certain improvements that will undoubtedly come in handy so that the connection works as well as possible, without interruptions and with good speed.

Provide the network without taking action

Have you let someone connect to your Wi-Fi? For example, you may have a visitor, a neighbor who has asked you for access due to a failure in their network, etc. This can be something risk-free, something common and where you will not have problems. But it could also turn out to be a real mistake.

We recommend that you create a guest network. This way, you won’t be exposing the main network. It will have its own password and you can even enable it or not, depending on your interests. Alternatively, whenever you let someone connect to the network, change the password later.

Putting the router in the wrong place

Yeah, placing the router in the wrong place It can also lead to intruders. It does not mean that it is something that always happens, but there will be a greater probability of it happening. Why is this happening? Having the router near a window, something that will make the coverage reach further outside, is not the same as having it inside the home.

The ideal, in order to maximize security, is to place the router in an area that you control perfectly, away from the street or neighbors who could receive a signal and choose to try to steal the key. It will even avoid certain interference with other routers, so the connection will go better.

As you can see, these are the main mistakes that you should avoid if you want protect your Wi-Fi network. The objective is to avoid problems, make the connection work well and not have complications when connecting to the network. They can hack your Wi-Fi network, but also take steps to prevent it from happening.

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