Do this if you play online or make video calls and you will have no problems

The important thing is going to be have a low ping. If this ping or latency is too high, you will have problems entering an online game or you will notice that the video call is cut off or the image and sound arrive with a long delay. There are different reasons that can cause this latency to increase.

Lower your ping

The goal is to lower the ping to be able to play online or make video calls without problems. That latency It may increase if the connection is not good. It could be due to poor Wi-Fi coverage, a program interfering, or even network saturation. The result will always be the same: you do a test and the latency is excessive.

Improve your connection

The first thing you should do is improve your connection. Yes, make your Internet work better. It’s generic, but you should do it if you want the ping to go down. For example, it is important that you improve coverage. This will allow the signal to reach better and you can have a higher speed, in addition to lowering the latency.

How can you improve the connection? You could use devices such as a repeater, avoid interference or even better locate your devices. All of this can help the network run more stable and have fewer problems connecting to the network.

Be careful with the programs

You should also check the programs you have installed. They could be the cause of having a ping that is too high. A clear example is if you use a VPN. It is a program that can be useful for encrypting the connection or even accessing blocked content, but it can also cause significant problems, such as increased latency.

Something similar can happen with a antivirus or a firewall that you have on your team. They could affect browsing and make your connection more limited. It is important that you always choose warranty programs that truly protect your system but do not affect the performance of the equipment.

Legal problems in the use of VPN

Keep everything up to date

Do you have your device updated? Especially, you should check that you have the network card drivers with the latest version. This can help the network function as best as possible and avoid problems, such as increased latency. Make sure you don’t have outdated drivers if you are going to play online or make a video call.

The same should apply to the operating system itself, as well as any program you use to play online or make video calls. They must always have the latest version and thus avoid problems of incompatibilities or limitations that may exist.

Change DNS

Change the DNS It is, in many cases, a good option to improve the Internet connection. Especially, it can be useful to improve latency or ping. You can change the router’s DNS, but also at the system level. This is necessary to browse the Internet, since it is responsible for translating domain names, such as RedesZone, into the corresponding IP address.

Although you can use the DNS provided by your operator, you could change them to others. For example, you can use some reliable options such as Google or Cloudflare. There are many alternatives on the Internet and you can always try to see which one has the least latency when browsing.

Therefore, with these steps you can improve the ping or latency and be able to play online or make a video call with guarantees. It is key to ensure that the connection works correctly and thus avoid problems.

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