Do you have a smart watch? Be careful, so they can hack you; avoid it

We can say that today practically any device can be a target for hackers. An example are the Smart Watches, something that we have very present in our day to day. They are useful for playing sports, checking notifications or simply using it as an alarm clock. But of course, cybercriminals could use them to scam us, to get to steal data or passwords. We are going to tell you how they can do it and, most importantly, what you should do to protect yourself.

A smart watch can also contain a lot of personal information. You can have stored messages, it could be linked to certain applications and some devices, have training data, etc. All this can have value for the cybercriminals and aim to take control.

how to hack a watch

These devices use bluetooth to connect with the mobile. This can also pose a problem against various threats that may exist. After all, any device that connects to another, especially wirelessly, can have certain vulnerabilities.

Precisely that, the vulnerabilities, are one of the options that hackers have to attack a smart watch. This can lead to Man in the Middle attacks, which consists of intercepting the exchange of information. These clocks also do not usually use encryption methods or are not very robust.

They could also strain malicious applications. It is a classic when it comes to hacking a device. Cyber ​​criminals create malicious software and find a way to trick the victim into installing it. From there, it could manipulate your data, execute certain commands, etc.

One more way is through fake firmware. You can find updates to supposedly improve the device. However, it is nothing more than bait to get scammed. They can even exploit vulnerabilities in legitimate firmware and gain control.

Safety of a smart watch

What to do to avoid it

But can you do anything to prevent your smartwatch from being hacked? The truth is that you will always be able to take certain measures to protect your devices. This also includes devices such as a sports watch. You will be able to protect your data, prevent information from being stolen and, ultimately, from putting your privacy at risk.

The first thing is to always have the updated clock. That will correct certain vulnerabilities that may be in the firmware or in any application that you use. You should always check that you have the latest versions, as this will be key to avoiding Man in the Middle attacks, for example.

Also, when you are going to install an application, always make sure that you do it from official sources. This will ensure that you are installing software that has been previously reviewed and is not a scam. Beware of installing programs from unknown, third-party sites, because it could be malware.

Another point to keep in mind is that you must control what permissions you grant. For example, be careful about the devices you link or the apps you sign in with. The less you expose the watch, the better for your safety. Always check these types of factors to avoid problems.

As you can see, they can reach hack your smart watch. It is important that you take certain measures to increase security and not have problems. Check very well everything you install, the configuration and the devices that you are going to link.

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