Do you like EVGA? These are their fastest RTX graphics cards

As most of you already know, EVGA is an assembler that works exclusively with NVIDIA, and therefore we cannot find AMD graphics cards in their catalog (at least for now). Below we have selected the fastest EVGA graphics cards, but selecting the best model within each category since otherwise they would obviously all be RTX 3090.

EVGA’s fastest graphics cards, the RTX 3090

Among the NVIDIA RTX 3090s, EVGA’s fastest model is the XC3 ULTRA HYDRO COPPER GAMING, a graphics card designed to be integrated into a custom liquid cooling system as it comes with the pre-installed water block.

This GPU, which only measures 29.5 mm thick and therefore only occupies one PCI socket on the motherboard (its interface is, of course, PCI-Express 4.0), integrates configurable ARGB lighting to provide the system with a sublime aesthetic look, but still integrates NVIDIA’s most powerful gaming GPU to date. With 10,496 CUDA cores and an operating speed of 1,725 ​​MHz along with 24 GB of GDDR6X memory at 19.5 Gbps, this graphics will provide you with the best gaming performance you can imagine.

EVGA’s most powerful RTX 3080 Ti


If we go down a step to the range of RTX 3080 Ti, we have that the most powerful model of this manufacturer is the RTX 3080 Ti XC3 ULTRA HYBRID GAMING, a model that also has a Hydro Copper variant with the same technical specifications, but we have decided to choose this model instead because the performance is the same and in this case you do not need to have a custom liquid cooling system since, as you can see in the top image, incorporates its own radiator (in this case 240 mm with two 120 mm fans incorporated).

This graphics card incorporates 10,240 CUDA cores at 1,725 ​​MHz speed, accompanied by 12 GB of GDDR6X graphics memory at 19 Gbps. Of course, its interface is PCI-Express 4.0 and in this case it has one HDMI video output and three DisplayPorts.

EVGA’s fastest RTX 3080s


Within the RTX 3080 range, EVGA also has models “passed through water”, both Hydro Copper to be integrated into custom liquid cooling systems and Hybrid models that have their own radiator. However, in terms of raw performance the model RTX 3080 FTW3 ULTRA GAMING it’s just as fast, and in this case it incorporates a more traditional three-fan air heatsink.

In this case we are facing a GPU that incorporates a total of 8,704 CUDA cores at a speed of 1,800 MHz, accompanied by 10 GB of GDDR6X VRAM memory at 19 Gbps effective. This graphic incorporates a triple fan heatsink with iCX3 technology, which according to EVGA guarantees a quiet and cool operation.

The fastest RTX 3070 Ti and RTX 3070 models

RTX 3070 Ti EVGA

In the case of the RTX 3070 and its Ti variant, EVGA no longer offers liquid-cooled models, and we have grouped them within the same section because, in reality, the model is the same for both categories: the FTW3 ULTRA GAMING.

Obviously, and although the heatsink is the same, the GPU is not. In the case of the RTX 3070 Ti we have a GPU with 6,144 CUDA cores at 1,860 MHz, along with 8 GB of GDDR6X memory at 19 Gbps effective. For the regular RTX 3070, on the other hand, the GPU provides 5,888 CUDA cores at 1,815 MHz, along with 8 GB of memory which in this case is GDDR6 at 14 Gbps.

Fastest EVGA graphics for the mid-range


To finish with the fastest RTX graphics cards from EVGA we must also talk about the mid-range, or in other words, the RTX 3060 and its Ti variant. In these families we also do not find models with liquid cooling but only by air, and they are quite different.

The fastest RTX 3060 Ti model is the FTW3 ULTRA GAMING, which in this case does not carry the lighting settings of the previous models. The heatsink is triple fan, and the GPU features 4,864 CUDA cores at 1,800 MHz, along with 8 GB of GDDR6 memory at 14 Gbps.

For its part, the fastest model of the RTX 3060 is the XC GAMING, with dual fan heatsink. Its GPU mounts 3,584 CUDA cores at 1,882 MHz, accompanied by 12 GB of GDDR6 graphics memory at 15 Gbps.

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