Does a magnetic levitation fan for PC need maintenance?

It is a great question and although the answer is very simple and short, it is the why of that answer that is the interesting part of all this. And it is that magnetic levitation technology is really a step forward that compared to traditional bearings will mean a different useful life for each fan.

Why choose magnetic levitation in fans?

To understand everything related to the maintenance of a magnetic levitation fan, it is necessary to understand why the industry is turning towards this type of rotor. And it is that what is tried is to improve in three key sections:

  • Performance
  • Sonority
  • Durability

The price to pay is logically the cost of each fan, so some manufacturers have decided to invest in other aspects with improved bearings and not magnetic levitation in order to differentiate themselves. Undoubtedly, the latter are the biggest breakthrough in fans of the last decade, mainly because a higher number of revolutions per minute is achieved with lower energy costs, which boosts performance, noise is reduced due to the zero friction of the rotor and of course this has a direct impact on the useful life.

The answer, therefore, to all this we have in the technology of SUNON, MagLev, the world’s leading manufacturer of magnetic levitation rotors, where several brands of PC fans integrate optimized versions of their technology for the design of their own fans.

The company has worked since 2004 In this technology, they have published their advances in the main world electronic publications and it is also one of the few companies that have a certified acoustic laboratory that guarantees the values ​​of each model launched on the market under its name.

So is maintenance unnecessary on a magnetic levitation fan?

No, it does not require any maintenance, lubrication, or even cleaning. This is due to technology SUNON Seal & Clip, which prevents dust from adhering to the walls of the rotor poles, keeping the turning area in optimal condition and always clean.

This means that, compared to a top-quality bearing rotor such as the one that a Noctua A12x25 can mount with its system of self-stabilizing oil pressure bearings or SSO-Bearing, a CORSAIR ML 120 PRO or an ASUS ROG STRIX XF 120 do not have to worry about the passage of time and wear or lack of oil over the years, ingress of dirt or chips detached from friction.

Therefore, no maintenance is required on a magnetic levitation fan, since the technology itself and its design stabilize the rotor in rotation. Someone might think then, but does the shaft still have friction? Yes, it is inevitable in any fan, but with MagLev technology the story is totally different.

And it is that when the fan begins to rotate due to the magnetic field, the shaft detaches from the rotor body and literally “floats”, it is suspended in the air and therefore there is no friction whatsoever, which added to the manual calibration of each unit with a series of brands and medium weights gives us a perfect stability that prevents wear and maintenance.

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