Does turning a light bulb off and on or leaving it on saves more?

In order to try to save energy, a question that sometimes arises is whether it is convenient to turn the light bulbs off and on or it is better to leave them on. That is, a typical situation is to leave the room for just a moment, maybe a minute, and think about turn off or not the light bulb in order to pay less electricity. What is the best in this case to pay less and be able to save, even if only a little?

To turn off or not a light bulb when leaving the room

First of all, it should be mentioned that the savings difference or not in these cases is very, very small. Keep in mind that the cost of light from your light bulbs is much lower than that of other household appliances, such as an oven, air conditioning or a stove. Therefore, this small gesture is not really going to provide great savings, although as we always say, everything adds up.

This doubt arises since we can consider that there is a peak consumption when turning on a light bulb. That is to say, it spends more at the time of turning on the switch than once it is turned on. But really that is not so or at least it is not something appreciable. Nowadays, current light bulbs consume very little and also have a very long useful life.

What does this mean that we mentioned? If we are looking to save as much as possible, turning off the light bulb whenever we can will make let’s spend less electricity. In the old days, it might make more sense to decide not to turn off the bulbs if we were going to turn them on soon after, since fluorescent bulbs had a much shorter lifespan and each turning on and off brought the end closer. On the other hand, current LED bulbs have a much longer lifespan and this problem does not exist.

Therefore, we can say that turning off light bulbs whenever possible, even for just a minute, will save electricity. Perhaps that saving is minimal, but any small gesture adds up and after months or a year you can save something significant.

Choosing the right bulb is key to saving

But beyond turning light bulbs on or off to save electricity, something fundamental is choose very well the type of bulbs what do we use. There we are going to be able to have significant savings and it is something that we can apply to our homes, offices or any place that we need to illuminate.

The best in this regard are led bulbs. They are the ones that consume less electricity and also have a longer useful life. They consume less than those known as low consumption and infinitely less than the old ones, which are no longer sold in Europe.

An interesting option is to choose smart bulbs. Just like you can have Wi-Fi on vacation, you might as well control those bulbs from anywhere. Very useful if, for example, you want to simulate that there is a presence at home. These bulbs also consume much less than the old ones, since they are LED, and you can also control them more, such as changing the color.

As you can see, turning off the bulbs whenever possible will allow you to save some light. Unless you have very old bulbs, which we advise you to change to LEDs, there are no problems with running out of life by turning them off more frequently.

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