Don’t lose a game save with this option from the Epic Store

The Epic Store It has been very popular lately, especially for the free games that this store gives away to its users every week, regardless of whether they are better or worse. In addition, as if that were not enough, until the end of the year the store gives away one game a day for Christmas. The list of games that we can have in this digital store is already taking on a certain weight, and surely we have more than one title that we want to play. But, if we don’t want trouble, we should pay attention to this function.

Playing a game is not just hanging out. For many, it is an investment of time that is reflected in a saved game file. And we are not talking about games of just 8 hours, which can easily be recovered, but titles to which we have spent equal to 50, or more, hours over time.

Game saves for PC games are always saved on the hard drive. There they are safe and ready so that, if we are going to play, we can resume the game immediately. However, what happens to the game if we have a problem with the PC and we lose our data?

Cloud saving: an essential function

Same as consoles, but free, when we play on PC we can have our saved games not only saved on the computer, but also sent directly to a cloud storage server where they are stored safely.

Steam was the first platform to implement this functionality, and from it we have been able to see it on many other different platforms, such as uPlay, Origin, GOG and even the Epic Games Store.

Having this function activated, what we achieve is that, when we close the game, the game is sent to the Epic servers, where it remains safely stored. If the game on our computer is lost, when we go to play it will be downloaded back to the PC and will allow us to resume the game where we left off. It will even allow us to keep our progress when we use a different computer.

Issues with this Epic Store feature

Although saving in the cloud is a very interesting and essential function when we are going to play the games in this store, in reality we must also know its possible problems or conflicts. First of all, we must bear in mind that not all games support cloud saving. Some titles, especially older ones, may not have this functionality enabled. And, therefore, it will only depend on us to save the game to avoid losing it.

Another important limitation that must be taken into account is that, if we are going to use this function, we will need yes or yes, Internet connectionBoth at the time of playing, to download the latest version of the saved data, and at the end to upload the game to the PC.

And finally, there is the possibility of running into «conflicts»When managing saved games, especially when we use two or more computers to play games, and we have been playing offline on one of them.

Epic Games save game conflict

It will be enough to choose the game that we want to use, and enjoy. But we must be careful not to overwrite the good game when this happens.

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