IBM, go for quantum computing: this CPU is 127 qubit!

From time to time we bring you information on quantum processors and although their use in our home PCs is still several years away and even in supercomputers, it is always good to talk about advances in this regard, as is the case with the IBM Eagle quantum CPU. . What has the mythical and original Big Blue achieved in this field?

The blue giant, which was synonymous with computing for decades, is going to give its own conference these days related to quantum computing, the IBM Quantum Summit 2021, and the star product will be its Eagle Quantum Processor, which is in terms of power the most powerful quantum processor that has been designed so far.

What is the IBM Eagle quantum CPU like?

This processor is composed of neither more nor less than 127 Qubits, the highest figure that has been reached so far and this makes it the most complex processor of its kind that has ever been created to date. The proof of this is that to build a conventional unit with the same computing power, according to IBM, a processor would be necessary that would handle as many bits as the combined atoms of all human beings on earth.

For its construction, they have used a new methodology that consists of placing the components in charge of managing the state of the qubits in a different layer than these. Thanks to this they have been able to organize 127 Qubits in a single integrated circuit and they are not going to stay there, since in their route map they have planned to launch Osprey with 433 qubitsy Condor with 1121 Qubits. The release dates of the following IBM quantum processors? They wait for 2022 and 2023 respectively.

At the moment we do not know what the performance of the IBM Eagle is compared to other simulated solutions from other companies, as well as those of Big Blue itself.

Only for clients of IBM itself

IBM Quantum Computing

At the moment the IBM Eagle quantum CPU will only be available for use by previously selected members of the IBM Quantum Network and only at experimentation levels, since it is an experimental project and despite the milestone of having placed up to 127 qubits in a single quantum processor they do not ensure specific performance levels either. Let’s not forget that quantum computing is still in its infancy.

At the moment IBM has managed to deploy up to 50 quantum computing systems, of which 20 are accessible through the cloud. In the case of Eagle, this processor has been built by IBM itself and this branch of computing is becoming the hope for the future of a company whose technology is threatened by the growth of ARM processors for servers.

Although quantum computing is something that is observed in the future, different companies from various strategic sectors are betting their money on investments to be the first to have this technology available. Which has the potential to change the world of computing in a few years. So it is not surprising that large banks, financial, healthcare and even military companies of which IBM has been their main supplier for decades are interested in this technology.

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